• 01. Der Bucklige
    02. Digging My Grave
    03. Bugs On My Back
    04. The Mess I'm In
    05. 300 Pounds
    06. Ain't It Hard
    07. Why Can't We Be
    08. Coyote
    09. Telling Lies
    10. Gotta Leave Town
    11. Fried Chicken Legs
    12. I Lost My Mind
    13. T-R-A-S-H-B-O-N-E-S


    Digging My Grave

    [engl] Being a feral child lost in an era of uninspiring music, the frontman of The Staggers, Wild Evel, decided to team up with members of former teenbeaters the Roadrunners to form a supergroup, with the intention of providing serious garage punk at its best. Take some of Billy Childish’s trashy guitar solos, some of the Miracle Workers’ and The Stomachmouths’ catchy melodies, add some “three-finger organ”, combine them with invisible monsters and cavemen, in the spirit of the late great Screaming Lord Sutch, and you’ll have the gist of what these guys are up to. The Trashbones have their roots in 1960s US garage punk, a time when teenagers started playing their own music, delivering their own ideas and ideals through tight and catchy lyrics telling the conservative society, “Here we are!” The sound that those ’60s proto-punks created is the same sound the four Austrian freaks play – succinct fuzz-guitars, farfisa organ, furious drumming, and wild, howling vocals that represent a one hundred per cent high-voltage rock’n’roll attitude. Apart from the actual sound that they create, Wild Evel & the Trashbones stand out with their untamed live performance, for which each member pushes his plan through. On hearing the drums you might be tempted to look for the reincarnation of Keith Moon seated at the drum stool! The overdriven fuzz guitars will blaring. And the recent addition of Fernando Terror taking over keyboard duties will fully unleash Evel to higher levels of on-stage insanity.
    Garage / Powerpop
    17,00 EUR

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