• 01. AM 580
    02. See How They Run
    03. How You Spend Your Time
    04. Treat Your Mind
    05. Sycamour Tree
    06. Dying To Meet You
    07. With Beefheart
    08. Particles
    09. Fancies
    10. Beach Jam #1
    11. Ma’am (I Like Your Daughter)
    12. Beach Jam #2
    13. Dad Rock!
    14. Vision of Sanity
    15. Beach Jam #3 - Kingston ’67 (Take Me To The River)
    16. I’m A Peaceful Man
    17. Faulter
    18. Beach Jam #4



    [engl] “I’m so tired of making sense” - Mountains & Rainbows “AM 580” Last summer John came back from an Oh Sees tour talking about a fantastic band he’d played with in Detroit called Mountains and Rainbows. What followed him home was a double LP’s worth of shopworn weirdness and a delightfully loose attitude that must have something to do with the ecstasy of a midwestern summer…these are backyard freaks jamming into the twilight, led by a vocal quaver belted to the cheap seats, a groove and a grin and a heaping spoonful of “damn aren’t you glad we came out tonight?” Vibrant and confusing like the insane-o artwork they sent us which appears to be constructed of many layers of fluorescent duct tape. Careening from the mellow chugger vibe on “How You Spend Your Time” to the tightly wound twitch of “Dying To Meet You”…and somewhere between they manage to stretch their legs deep into the strange, with a dark oddness lurking in the corners of tunes like weirdo highlight “With Beefheart”. They go all over the place but somehow I feel like I know these dudes and they’ll look out for me if I get “too far out”. A great addition to a little journey of your own perhaps and just in time for the sunlit afternoons to come.

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