• 01. New Carrion
    02. Pictus
    03. On Nature
    04. Nicht Leiden
    05. Hedges
    06. Mechanical Eye
    07. Blue Ink
    08. Mostly Bag
    09. Pool On A Plate
    10. Clock Support
    11. Silhouette
    12. Barrel
    13. Peep Hole
    14. Trepanning
    15. Undo


    On Nature

    [engl] Surrender yourself into Naked Lights' dark and intense orbit! From the first few seconds to the end this record here is intensely addictive and welcomely unpredictable stuff. Shades of post-punk, dub, even anarcho-punk vibes are thrillingly reblended into wholly futuristic shapes that defy easy categorization. The cross-talking guitars speak their own thorny language, the atmosphere is wide-focus and carries a subtle tang of danger, the whole sense of timing and space is unique and fresh, and it’s topped off with a feminine yelp that is as in your face as it is intriguing and foreign-seeming. An altogether unique and refreshingly vital listen, we are incredibly excited to share with you this asymmetric jewel “On Nature”.

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    Chime groove

    [engl] Combining an array of smartly used synths, damaged guitars, dubby baselines, drum machines & live percussion with sparse vocals. Employing early 80's antics integrated with sublime worldly,post p

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