• 01. Pierre & Bastien - Bordoule
    02. Vince & His Lost Delegation - Commander
    03. Leopardo - Anna Karina
    04. EXEK - Four Stomachs
    05. The Rebel - Drill Homage
    06. Rose Mercie - Marie-Toi-De-Moi
    07. Marie Mathématique - Holopherne
    08. Nathan Roche - Opium
    09. Mim & Èlg - La flûte de Pan
    10. Ricardo Dias Gomes - Dream Love


    Spasmes du hasard - 20+1 years of SDZ records

    I could tell you about the beginnings, about this email from Keith from the late Scratch record store that allowed, very concretely, to launch everything. But I really don't know where to start to talk about the 20 years - sorry 21 years - of the label. It's a joyful jumble of fanzines, concerts, meetings and a total absence of plans. There is simply a desire, parallel to that of trying to write about music - something that always seemed impossible to me - to push some bands or artists that move me. The idea is not to make each release a surprise nuclear inspection but to contribute, on a small scale, to prolong the existence of initiatives that come more from the guts than from the symbols, more from the basement of a bar than from the official places carried by a music industry that should have died a long time ago as it doesn't support the artists anymore. The guiding thread, if there is one, is to find density in lightness, to tirelessly dig into any form of curiosity, to listen again and again and to try to open new horizons for the bands I defend. I dream of a label with bright red flashes, melting in a thick layer of milky golden clouds or running in the middle of the cold night in an old industrial area where nature has regained its rights. Cultivating dilettantism, savoring latencies, provoking coincidences, tracking down melodies from the depths of the bones, pushing the sublime fins hidden in the ashes of passion.
    Wave - Postpunk
    18,00 EUR
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