• 01. Gabrielle Maes - Il faut aller dormir
    02. Ray Yours & The F - Fantôme
    03. Space Blue - Am I asleep and dreaming
    04. Mulan Serrico - Spor Tranquil
    05. Jolie Boue - Les bancs de glace
    06. Nicolalala - Dormir
    07. Maria Violenza - Young Boy
    08. Delacave - Absence Appeal
    09. Youkounkoun - Tendre goéland
    10. Charlène Répétition - Love
    11. Elatu Nessa - Uniin ne karat


    Tendres Tenebres

    Once again, at the crossroads of our wanderings there is a dark, bottomless well. From this the true horrors of the world arises over and over. It is also the source of our fantasies, either dreams or nightmares, and the world of imagination in which we all grew up. That darkness reveals our common humanity, that speaks of our very creation and finitude. Today, tenderness is our only guide through the unfamiliar night now thick with multiple states of unconsciousness that extend beyond our vital need and into the unknown. Thus we are all insiders and investigators to understand what is reality and what is beyond us. In line with its previous compilations - but this time on vinyl - the Crudités label, affiliated with SDZ Records, today presents "Tendres Ténèbres", fifteen variations on the themes of lullabies and sleep.Within a song, complex landscapes are built in the shadows of our waking life. The songs are sometimes delicate (Gabrielle Maes of Shake Shake Bolino, Charlene Repetition of Rose Mercie, Renka of Kartei or Space Blue and Mulan Serrico whose albums were released on Crudités), sometimes cosmic explosions (Jolie Boue, a new band formed by Èlg & Catherine Hershey, Hess of Feeling of Love), sometimes intense nocturnal insights (Ray Yours & The F, new project of 11ieme étage; Kaput) sometimes displays of furious insomnia (Nicolalala, ex Bobpopkillers, Maria Violenza ex Capputtini I Lignu) or deep tranced melancholic meditations (Elatu Nessa, Discombobulatrix).
    Wave - Postpunk
    15,00 EUR

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