Action Beat


The Noise Band From Bletchley

Action Beat

Action Beat is an instrumental improvisational noise rockband from Bletchley, UK, which is often made up of musicians who are available to play the gig on any particular date.
They normally have at least 4 guitarists, a bassist and between 1 and 4 drummers.

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    »Where are you?«
    LP 180gr.
    2013 --> more


  • »Where are you?«
    LP 180gr. 2013
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Beatings«
    LP 2010
    Truth Cult
  • »The Noise Band From Bletchley«
    LP 180gr. 2009
    Truth Cult
  • »1977 - 2007: Thirty Years Of Hurt, Then Us Cunts Exploded«
    LP 180gr. 2007