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On the 1st of June the world will be compensated for bearing decades of uninspired popular music. Sounds Of Subterrania is delighted to be exclusively presenting the album of the decade. Amos "Imperator Of Pop", that's 12 songs definitely tearing the soles off your shoes.


Thousands of pre-orders already showed up and the forecasts are promising since in Summer 2006 friends and relatives of AMOS released the unfinished album on the iranian black market with stunning results."I can't stop my feet" the sensational success of the Bundesdance 2006 - one of the most visited german websites of the past year - with a video that got spread around the world like a virus was a mere foretaste of what this man has still got in store for us.Prepare for even more to come. You don't have to watch out. You just won't be able to get past the Imperator. AMOS effect on women is undeniable and seems to be part of his genetic code. His Grandfather Nostallah Sufi-Siavach for instant had 81 wives and 57 children (true story!). AMOS 250 cousins, today a worldwide network of artists and adventurers like his cousin and race driver Afshin Biruni who was last seen in 1979 when he mysteriously disappeared during the Ralley Tunis Bandundu, form the perfect agars for this exceptional talent.

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