To call BBQ just a one-man band would be like calling his influences just rock’n roll. BBQ is the perfect mix of the most primitive blues,


rock’n roll, R&B, and rockabilly sounds lightly assaulted with garage, soul and a punk aesthetic. BBQ, the one-man band, is actually ‘Mark’, ex-singer of the legendary Spaceshits and singer/drummer for the world-renown Sexareenos. This is a young man who lives by his own rules: no home, no job, no cares – just a beat-up guitar, his wits and a need to drink. A young man who was born parentless in the gutters of Montreal with a bevy of women to serve his every whim. A young man who didn’t need more talent when dealing with the devil, so instead opted for a good meal – just for kicks.
An unassuming drifter who lives only for the moment, armed with the gift of charisma and a wise man’s glare. He has managed to capture the sound of a very soulful but simple band on just his two feet, a guitar and a golden voice. This is the real shit: no-nonsense, timeless and rollickin’. Having been playing for less than one year, he has already electrified crowds and converted fans all over Germany, the USA and Canada, performing with such acts as Bob Log III, King Khan, Les Sexareenos, The Deadly Snakes, The Woggles, The Del-Gators, Scat Rag Boosters, The Mystery Girls, The Come-Ons, The Soledad Brothers, etc…
The girls want to kiss him. The guys want to buy him a beer. He wants to rock’n roll. YOU want to book his show.

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  • BBQ

    »The complete recordings vol.1«
    LP 180gr
    2003 --> more


  • »The Sultanic Verses«
    LP/CD 2007
    In the Red
  • »Tie Your Noose«
    LP/CD 2005
  • »The complete recordings vol.1«
    LP 180gr 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »I´m the One«
    7" 2003
    Goodbye Boozy
  • »s/t«
    CD 2003
    Alien Snatch