Boonaraaas !!!


THE BOONARAAAS!!! from Düsseldorf / Wuppertal / Cologne is one of Germany's freshest girl-bands delivering garage pop and punk, or what they call 'She-Sound 2000'. Playing on vintage equipment, their live show is a wild and trashy, 60's-oriented, punkrock experience. All this music plus a lovely charm as the boys dying for more.

Boonaraaas !!!

After some line-up changes in the guitar section the Boonaraaas!!! now have their best line-up ever!
Bassist Trich jumps around wildly while singing in a brilliant and sassy voice. Christina beats the drums with high energy and sings in calming harmony. Laura plays her Danelectro guitar in a very cool and superior style and Tine backs up the rhythm section with some raw guitar action! Together, THE BOONARAAAS!!! sound is definitely phat! THE BOONARAAAS!!! played together with a bunch of cool bands like Stereo Total, Tocotronic, The Beatsteaks, Opération S, The Yum Yums, Dean Dirg, Dick Dale and
many more and they played shows in Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and all over Germany.

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    »5 Step ahead«
    LP 180gr/CD
    2007 --> more


  • »5 Step ahead«
    LP 180gr/CD 2007
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Go Get Goo Gool«
    LP/CD 2003
  • »It‘s not just boys fun«
    CD 2003
  • »Wanker«
    CD 2003
  • »The European Poppunk Virus vol. 2«
    CD 2003
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