The Carnation was formed by songwriters Christian Bergman and Eric Obo. They'd been playing together since 1998, at first being the driving force behind mod-indie combo The Anxious. The line-up was completed in the spring of 2000, now featuring Robert Caesar and Johan Conse.
Later that year a first demo-EP rended the band national airplay. The lads continued playing throughout Scandinavia while from time to time demoing new songs. Mads Husvik joined on keyboards in 2002.


In 2003 The Carnation signed with the German record label Sounds of Subterrania! Their first release was a 7" vinyl consisting of demo material. During summer the same year, most songs for the debut album was recorded with producer Bjorn Olsson (Union Carbide Productions, The Soundtrack of Our Lives). The debut album "Gothenburg Rifle Association" was released in March 2004. Response from fans and critics was overwhelming and the record gained The Carnation a devoted following in Germany, the rest of Europe and elsewhere. After touring and promoting the debut, the band took some time off before spending the tail end of 2005 writing and rehearsing their follow-up "Human Universals". The new album represents a renewal of their patented new wave-sound, making it a lot different from the first one. It was recorded with producer/technician Hans Olsson in Gothenburg throughout January and February 2006. When coming home from a short visit to Germany, where they performed on the Bite It-festival in Kassel, The Carnation made a video for the single "Jesus saves" together with a Gothenburg-based production company. This is to be released together with "Human Universals" on the 20th of August.
The autumn of 2006 will see the band once again playing Europe.

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    »Human Universals«
    LP 180gr/CD
    2006 --> more


    »Gothenburg rifle association«
    LP 180gr/CD
    2003 --> more


  • »Bite it!! 2006«
    LPlim 2006
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Human Universals«
    LP 180gr/CD 2006
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Gothenburg rifle association«
    LP 180gr/CD 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »New sensation«
    MCD 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Take action!«
    7" 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania