Die! Die! Die!


Having spent the better part of the past 10 years on the road, Die! Die! Die! now want to make your head, heart, and soul their home.

Their entire history has involved movement. The band traveled to Chicago to cut their first self-titled release with some guy in a brick basement (Steve Albini - responsible for some of the greatest records of all time). Needless to say, this record sent Die! Die! Die! on a whirlwind series of tours, gaining them considerable worldwide notoriety which no band from their native Dunedin, New Zealand had seen since the eighties heyday of the Dunedin sound.

Die! Die! Die!

In August 2007 the trio recorded Promises, Promises with one of new Zealand's greatest song writers Shayne Carter and Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Swans) in Upstate New York; and 2010 saw Die! Die! Die! as one of the first new artists contracted to the reformed Flying Nun and issuing FORM, produced by label mate Nick Roughan (Skeptics). These releases strengthened the unyielding, reckless and menacing live delivery with the bursting melodies the band is now known for.

In 2012, Die! Die! Die! self-released their fourth studio album Harmony, recorded at Blackbox Studios, France. Harmony’s raw energy and emotion offers a savant-pop drenched with DIY punk philosophy. Produced by Chris Townend (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes), it is the best encapsulation of Die! Die! Die!’s power yet.

Now with bassist Michael Logie (The Mint Chicks, F In Math, Opossom) now a member, Die! Die! Die! will tour their face-melting shows throughout 2014 in the USA, Europe and beyond; embodying a vitality long since absent from the recent rock and punk circuits.

There is no rehearsed set of messages, postures or stage antics: cutting to the quick, their songs and live delivery are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Without the aid of gimmicks, hype or pretence, Die! Die! Die! aim to appeal to all walks of life without alienating ANYONE!

Reminiscent of the spirit and sounds of Black Flag, Pixies, the Wipers, Wire, and Bailterspace, Die! Die Die!’s unfiltered and powerful stage show has earned them a reputation as one of the most energetic and hardest-working bands around.

Cathartic, direct, indispensable.. You will know them as Die! Die! Die!

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  • Die! Die! Die!

    LP 180gr./CD
    2017 --> more

  • Die! Die! Die!

    LP 180gr./CD
    2014 --> more

  • Die! Die! Die!

    »Die! Die! Die!«
    LP 180gr.
    2014 --> more


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    LP 180gr./CD 2017
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    LP 180gr./CD 2014
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  • »Die! Die! Die!«
    LP 180gr. 2014
    Sounds of Subterrania
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    LP 180gr./CD 2012
    Golden Antenna
  • »Lifeguard / We Built Our Own Oppressors«
    7" 2010
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