Grey Goose

  • LP 180gr/CD 2004
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 051/SOS 052

    --> LP 180gr 10,00 EUR
    --> CD 12,00 EUR

    GREY GOOSE - »til the medicine takes«

    01. I Wish You Weren't Wrong
    02. Freddy Vs. Jason
    03. I Know Where Crazy Lives
    04. Band of the Future
    05. For the City
    06. Elimination Process
    07. Burn Out
    08. Medicine
    09. Xiola
    10. Stewardess on the Ground

    Recorded and engineered by Rob McGregor at Goldentone studios in Gainesville Produced by Rob McGregor Mixed by Chris Wollard and Rob McGregor