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    Please read this letter from Katie!!!

    Dear friends near and far, new and old,

    I hope this 2012 has been good to you thus far! Its been good to me and I've got many pots cooking as usual. But I'm having fun and feeling inspired as I approach 33 years old this Friday !

    I'm writing to spread the word far and wide that I'll be coming to the United States this year with both my band projects. So first and foremost, if you're in the United States, I hope that I get to see you. Both Bonaparte (with whom I dance) and Kamikaze Queens (with whom I sing) are gonna be in Austin in March and we're making tours before and after (KQ to the West Coast, Bonaparte all over). --- And I'm going to have a very very very busy March!

    At the moment, however, the big impediment to the Kamikaze Queens getting over there is funding. There are five plane tickets to fund, a backline to rent, a van to rent, gas to pay for, lodging where we cant find friends, and of course, food. Unfortunately the fees in the States aren't fantastic ... so we will have a lot of expenses to make our big tour a reality. We already have 12 shows confirmed -- from Austin, Santa Fe to San Diego to Santa Cruz to Oakland to Seattle ... but unless we can come up with the funding support, its going to be hard to get us five members of the Kamikaze Queens even over to the States. If you don't know us already, we're a punk cabaret band. We've got musical influences that range from tango to garage, punk to waltz. And we've got an amazingly theatrical live show with costume changes and upright bass tricks. Its a SHOW! And we want to bring it to you!

    That's why we've launched a 30-day Kickstarter Project and are hoping that we can get your financial support to make our $3000 goal a reality. No donation is too little; even a dollar helps. There are incentive prices from our great merchandise ... And of course if we're in your town we're going to give you a killer show! If you're aren't able to help out at this time, maybe you know someone who can? Maybe you know someone who has a few extra dollars to support great performance projects like this one? We'd be super appreciative .

    Check out our Kickstarter Project HERE (30 days to make the goal) >>>


    We're really hoping to make it all work out. And we thank you so much in advance for you support.

    All the best

    Katie and the Kamikaze Queens


    Mad Kate, Tex Morton, Trinity, Nico and Lloyd just finished the recordings to their new album "Automatic Life" at Sounds of Subterrania. The 14 songs will be released in september 30. Come on and see the releaseshows!

  • Kamikaze Queens

    Vocals/Percussion -

    Vocals -
    Mad Kate

    Tex Morton

    Drums -
    Nico Lipps

    Upright Bass -
    Luscious Lloyd


    The Kamikaze Queens are Berlin Punk Cabaret. Inspired by the mayhem of 1920's Berlin and the city's infamous hedonism that lives on today, they've created a sexy, theatrical live performance that's uniquely their own.
    Musically their style ranges from early punk rock and soulful garage to dirty jazz and punkabilly, smothered in reverb, topped off with Spooky Waltzes, and served up with burlesque and cabaret. -->more


    »Automatic Life - Special Edition«
    LP 180gr.
    2011 --> more


    »Automatic Life«
    LP 180gr./CD
    2011 --> more


    »Voluptuous Panic!«
    LP 180gr./LP lim/CD
    2008 --> more


    »Don't look back«
    2007 --> more


  • »Automatic Life - Special Edition«
    LP 180gr. 2011
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Automatic Life«
    LP 180gr./CD 2011
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Split«
    7" 2011
    Tornado Ride
  • »Tastee 29 / 3 Strikes«
    7" 2010
  • »Voluptuous Panic!«
    LP 180gr./LP lim/CD 2008
    Sounds of Subterrania
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