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In 2002 Patrik and Mia met up and wrote some great songs, named themselves Meine Kleine Deutsche and asked Mattias to join in on guitar. And so the band was born… The line up was, and still is, two singers, a guitar and drum machine beats on a minidisc. The sound of it could be described as “stripped down fucked up new wave”

Meine kleine Deutsche

Very soon Meine kleine Deutsche started to play at clubs in Stockholm, one thing led to another and got booked up by a lot of places. In the autumn of 2002 Meine kleine Deutsche realeased a 7” vinyl and kept on playing around in Stockholm and did some festivals in Sweden. In the summer of 2003 MKD recorded our first full length album with Stiff in Stockholm. The full length album was released both on 12” vinyl and as a CD in the winter of 2003. Pretty soon MKD went to play at some clubs in Denmark and Germany. And that is how Meine kleine Deutsche still keep on doing it. Meine kleine Deutsche try to keep it simple, put on the drum machine and go. The live energy is a big part of here thing, and the sometimes sad lyrics about love and stupid jobs.

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    »Body me«
    2012 --> more


    »Before people forget sound«
    LP 180gr/CD
    2009 --> more


    LP 180gr/CD
    2006 --> more


  • »Body me«
    10" 2012
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Before people forget sound«
    LP 180gr/CD 2009
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »Roky«
    LP 180gr/CD 2006
    Sounds of Subterrania
  • »The Inbred Community«
    LP 2004
    Big Brothel
  • »Krystal«
    7" 2003
    Big Brothel
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