Meine kleine Deutsche

  • 10" 2012
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SoS 119

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    01. Body Me
    02. Complete
    03. Haunted
    04. Side By Side
    05. Kettenfett
    06. Stab Me

    Two summers and two winters have passed since the last record by this three-piece from Stockholm. The left hand path that was pursued on „Before People Forget Sound“ is steadily kept on „Body Me“. Meine kleine Deutsche are still grinding on the edges of punk, electro and pop with dark lyrics about busted love, a bad moon rising and young, sudden-death.
    In a world full of empty truisms it´s their desolate form of quest for meaning that distinguishes Meine kleine Deutsche’s works and unfolds it´s full momentum. In times, in which a misunderstood and misused concept of melancholy is romanticised as the ductus of free development, this kind of self-deprecation is an appropriate remedy against everyday phrasemongering.

    LP 180gr/CD 2009
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SoS 104/SoS 105

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    MEINE KLEINE DEUTSCHE - »Before people forget sound«

    01. Put me back to sleep
    02. Light
    03. Conquer
    04. Grave
    05. Never again
    06. Prettyboy
    07. 145
    08. Domage
    09. One way
    10. Majvor
    11. Rip n tear
    12. Till tops

    Meine Kleine Deutsche are a phenomenon. Founded in 2002 by Maria „Mia“ Johansson and Patrik Boman, they are sort of the godfathers of Scandinavian Electroclash. It is a well known fact, that the art of computer-aided music-making is flourishing in Northern Europe – at least since the major success of The Knife or Aavikko. With their latest effort “Before people forget sound”, the third album of the Stockholm-based band is available now.
    It took three years to puzzle-over and fine-tune the sound, to draft and discard and to recreate. Furthermore they called for back-up bringing in Max Groundstroem (Sons of Cyrus, Holiday Fun Club) on guitar and Topi The Kat (Sons of Cyrus, Front de Boeuf) on drums. While the first two records were still dominated by a fury à la Bikini Kill, the third album is infused with melancholic reflectiveness.
    Now Electroclash is on everyone’s lips not only since yesterday, but what does Meine Kleine Deutsche do differently than all the other bands? The answer is plain and simple: their notion of Punk doesn’t start in 1977, but rather kicks off in 1967 and embraces The Monks just as well as the Velvet Underground. It refers to a time when the creative potential wasn’t limited to “Hey-Ho” and leather jackets, but rather took minimization – rage, sorrow, joy and despair – to give utterance to a completely new form of art. Surely, the most memorable stylistic features are the catchy, shifting vocals by Mia and Patrik, which fluctuate between sweet and weird, between evenly and disturbing.
    Once again, Meine Kleine Deutsche are breaking fresh ground and chafe at the boundaries of Punk, Electro, Garage and Pop. And: they’ve got something to say! Not only does it sound exciting, but it makes “Before People Forget Sound” a unique record.

    LP 180gr/CD 2006
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 074/SOS 075

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    01. stop
    02. cut it
    03. on my back
    04. dancehall queen
    05. boy in park
    06. too much
    07. got away
    08. I don´t care
    09. jungle
    10. open sore
    11. roky
    12. blackfinal

    all music and lyrics written by Meine Kleine Deutsche. Recorded ,programmed, played, produced and mixed by Meine Kleine Deutsche at Funken, Stockholm 2006. Artwork by Åsa Johansson at Lokal 19

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    Big Brothel

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