• LP 180gr. 2017
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SoS 155 SE

    -->  250,00 EUR

    THE MONSTERS - »M - Brick Version«

    01. Baby You're My Drug
    02. Dig My Hair
    03. I Can't Stop
    04. Not Enough
    05. I Don't Want You Anymore
    06. Bongo Fuzz
    07. Happy People Make Me Sick
    08. Nothing, You Coward
    09. Voodoo Rhythm
    10. Too Pretty To Be Loved
    11. You Will Die
    12. Let Me Spend The Night With Your Wife

    This time the Sounds of Subterrania Special Edition for the Monsters album comes with a LEGO club to build. The club is including The Monsters in stage- and in promo-outfit , Pumi as a soundman and my humble self as a record salesman. The club has a bar including drinks and a small pa. We are also currently negotiating with a Minifigure printing service, so we can offer to attach yourself and your friends as a personalized audience to the set.

    An important point, of course, is the financial. There are two crucial points.

    Point 1.

    The box was created in collaboration with the only LEGO-maker certified in Germany. Without Rene, this special would not have existed, since there are simply not enough stones on the free market to be preserved. This also means that we have to stick to the LEGO gameplay.

    Point 2.
    This is not an official LEGO set and therefore can not be sold as an official set. Basically, it can not be sold at all, but only given as a giveaway. For this reason, I worked with Rene to develop the following solution.

    Sounds of Subterrania launches a club for special editions. The name of the club is "The Bastards can't dance". Each club member receives their own club card and various discounts (see below). The amount of the entry is 250, - €. As a welcome gift, each new member will receive this special LEGO version or alternatively a large record package. From the second year the annual amount will be 50, - €. A withdrawal from the club is possible at any time.

    Clubmembers receive the following benefits.

    * Delivery of the records 14 days before release (if in stock)

    * 10% on the complete Sounds of Subterrania mailorder and label program

    * Possibility of acquiring special club editions

    * Possibility of acquiring strictly limited special editions 14 days before sales start

    * Reduction for special TBCD events

    If you have interest in the club, I need of you:

    * A passport picture (and a real one!)

    * Answer the following questions:


    Given names

    Date of birth

    first purchased long player

    first purchased 7 inch

    first record player

    favoured phonogram format

    favoured genre

    all time favourite band or soloartist

    all time favourite long player

    all time favorite 7 inch

    all time favourite album cover artist

    all time favourite album cover

    most underrated artist

    desired funeral song

    So again in short. If you want the special monsters, I need a club membership declaration from you and the membership fee of the first year plus postage. As soon as the pass foto and the answered questions are with me, you get the passport and the special edition sent.

    LP 2011
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SoS 117 SE

    --> LP lim 88,80 EUR

    THE MONSTERS - »Pop Up Yours Special Edition«

    01. I Want You
    02. Blow Um Mau Mau
    03. Ce Soir
    04. When I'm A Grown Up
    05. Cry!
    06. Speedy's Coming
    07. Wachtcha Gonna Do
    08. More You Talk Less I Hear
    09. Baby O.K.
    10. In And Out
    11. Ain't Crawling Back To You
    12. Drifting Away
    13. Blues For Joe
    14. Into The Void

    You can spend a long time talking or writing about the significance of a Special Edition. To some it’s the color of the vinyl, to others it’s a variant cover. To some it’s a means to make a pile of money, to others it’s a way to pay tribute to the band and to highlight their achievements.
    We at Sounds of Subterrania surely like to be associated with the latter. With the creation of this milestone we’re well on our way of becoming “the godfather of special packaging in conjunction with a vinyl record”.
    The box is made of solid wood with The Monsters integrated as a wildly popular sliding puzzle. The first edition is limited to 100 copies. Should this fly off the shelves, we’re well prepared to do a second serving.

    Let‘s get detailed:
    Size: 341mm x 341mm x 27mm
    Weight: 2.2 kg
    Sleeve: three layers of birch plywood with black melamine resin deck consisting of 87 Parts
    Processing: three layers of birch plywood with black melamine resin deck consisting of 87 Parts
    Duration: 1050 Minutes per Copy
    Edition: limited edition of 200 copies 180 gram, black vinyl

  • LP/CD 2011
    Voodoo Rhythm

    The Monsters - »Pop Up Yours«

    For further information please visit Voodoo Rhythm

  • 7" 2007

    THE MONSTERS - »I still love her«

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  • DoLP/CD 2007
    Voodoo Rgythm

    THE MONSTERS - »Garage Punk Vol. 1«

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  • 7" 2006
    Screaming Aplle

    THE MONSTERS - »It's rock'n'roll«

  • LP/CD 2003
    Voodoo Rhythm

    THE MONSTERS - »I can see dead people«

  • LP lim 2002
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 029

    THE MONSTERS - »I see dead people«

    01. The love i never had
    02. Fuck my brain buddah buddah
    03. I see dead people
    04. Sonic nightmares
    05. Acid dreams
    06. Oh wrong
    07. The other man
    08. I'm going away girl
    09. Kiss you dead
    10. Boss
    11. …and then you cry
    12. you know why
    13. burn in flames
    14. diggin my grave

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    Special edition in a 12" Cartoon Box, incl: the LP 1000 pics Puzzle from a Monsters comic, sticker, booklet etc.
    All Songs written by Beat-Man Zeller and the Monsters, Aug.2002 registered +suisa+ recordet and mixed at 'JESUS LOVES YOU ' Studios Aarau, By Pumi and Janosh, Mastered at Central Dubs in Bern.

  • 7"/CD 2002
    Subway Starr

    THE MONSTERS - »Blutbad In Der Safari Bar«

  • 7" 1999
    Rockin Bones

    THE MONSTERS - »Mondo Beat-Man«

  • LP 1999
    16 tons

    V/A - »Surprise Party Split With T-Bone Bados«

  • LP/CD 1999
    Voodoo Rhythm

    THE MONSTERS - »Birds eat Martians«

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  • LP 1998
    Wild Weekend

    V/A - »Straight into the action«

  • 7" 1997
    Mad Driver

    V/A - »Split With Lightning Beat-Man«

  • 7" 1997
    G.I. Records

    THE MONSTERS - »Skeleton Stomp«

  • LP 1996

    V/A - »SKAmpler«

  • LP/CD 1996
    Record Junkie

    THE MONSTERS - »Youth Against Nature«

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  • 7" 1996
    Larzen Fanzine

    THE MONSTERS - »Larzen Fanzine«

  • 7" 1996
    Record Junkie

    V/A - »Split With Dead Moon«

  • LP 1995
    Jungle Noise

    THE MONSTERS - »Jungle Noise«

  • 7" 1995
    Voodoo Rhythm

    THE MONSTERS - »Play With Fire«

  • 7" 1995
    Jungle Noise

    THE MONSTERS - »In Hell«

  • LP 1995
    Jungle Noise

    V/A - »5 years of Jungle Noise«

  • CD 1993
    Jungle Noise

    V/A - »Songs The Cramps Taught Us!«

  • 7" 1992
    Left Hand

    THE MONSTERS - »Santa clause vs. the caveman«

  • 7" 1992
    Record Junkie

    THE MONSTERS - »Nightmare«

  • 7" 1992

    THE MONSTERS - »Meets the betty pages of fright«

  • LP/CD 1992
    Record Junkie

    THE MONSTERS - »The Hunch«

  • CD 1992
    Voodoo Rhythm

    V/A - »Garage punk primitive R’n’R and Psychotic reactions from Switzerland«

  • CD 1991
    Jungle Noise

    V/A - »Wrecking around the Christmas tree«

  • LP 1988
    Record Junkie

    THE MONSTERS - »Masks«