• LP 180gr 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 037

    --> LP 180gr 5,00 EUR

    TREEBERRYS - »Treeberrys«

    01. (Ah, Ah) Just Can’t Wait
    02. Silly Girl
    03. My Girl
    04. Random Pickin‘
    05. Don’t Worry Rossie
    06. A Little Time
    07. Down
    08. Mighty Melody
    09. Just Remember The Days
    10. Everything About You

    Here’s a new album by the japanese favorite chorus group, and it includes their newest hit, „My Girl“

    It’s a new kind of song for the Treeberrys. All the things you’ve heard until now have had that great rockin‘ british beat – the style that made these fabulous young performers just about the biggest thing in the country. „My Girl“ is entirely different. It’s a wonderful ballad, and if you haven’t already heard the guys do it, you have a treat in store for you. This song is fast becoming the romantic ballad of the day, and it’s making thousands of new friends for the boys.
    And for the old friends of the Treeberrys there’s plenty of that good old british beat too.
    As you already know, they’re fabulous – all the way!

  • CD 2003

    TREEBERRYS - »Treeberrys«

  • LP 2002
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 022

    --> LP 5,00 EUR

    TREEBERRYS - »talkin' about Treeberrys«

    01. Turnin‘ Around
    02. Sha-ra-ra Randez Vous
    03. Lies,Lies,Lies
    04. Bad Times Roll
    05. Never Can Say Goodbye
    06. Beat Collector
    07. Waiting For My Girlfriend
    08. Work Out Fine
    09. Listen My Girl
    10. Change Your Mind
    11. When You Let Me In
    12. Canadian Fever

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    The Treeberrys are celebrating great and absolutely stylish 6t´s pop, you wouldn´t find it made much better even way back in 1966. Formed in 1997, they released their debut album "Talkin´about the Treeberrys" just two years later on 1+2 Barn Homes Records in Japan. After some line-up changes and various 7"es they released their second album "Treeberrys come out to play" on the way cool KOGA RECORDS label from Japan too. The Treeberrys love being very authenic and they ´re taking it to the max. You will feel the spirit of the Beatles on every little chord the guys around mastermind Hiroaki Watarai are playing. Sounds of Subterrania is now proud to release their debut album for the first time on vinyl. Have fun with the Treeberrys!

  • 7" 2001

    TREEBERRYS - »Time after Time«

  • LP/CD 2001

    TREEBERRYS - »Treeberrys come to play«

  • MCD 2001

    TREEBERRYS - »Poppers«

  • 7" 2000

    TREEBERRYS - »EI Found Mine«

  • LP/CD 2000

    V/A - »Indication of populer music«

  • CD 1999

    TREEBERRYS - »Beat Party!«

  • CD 1999

    TREEBERRYS - »Treeberrys come to play«