Blue Screen Of Death

    10" 2012
    Sounds of Subterrania!
    SoS 122

    --> 10'' lim 16,10 EUR

    THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH - »There are just 16 steps down to hell«

    01. Heads in the Clouds
    02. Pictures
    03. (16+ 9.80697580112788)
    04. The Art of delay
    05. Broken
    06. This Could be
    07. In alternate universes, alternate versions of you could be living out their lives
    08. Your demand

    The Blue Screen of Death play electronic-8bit-Punk. Because they can handle a computer better than a guitar. In 2008 the band was founded in Göttingen. Since then, its members are met with hostility or get beat up on the streets of the city - by "real" punks, whose parochial conception of the world they don't fit in. At the same time, they got everything what it takes to be a real punk band: dirt, volume, movement, energy and a hint of unpredictability. Sometimes the drumsticks fly off accidentally, another time the bass player runs against the trusses with his head and falls into the audience - similar to a baby giraffe, leaving the birth canal. Their first real record was a long time in the coming because some prick has stolen the laptop with the finished recordings on it. But now it's here! Should you need a musical connection point, there surely is the "Göttinger Schule" for starters. It's a breed of German-language, intelligent Hardcore which developed a particular sound and attitude in the mid 90s. The attitude stayed the same, but the sound was extended through electronoise. That's it!
    Well, not quite... The record sleeve was created by Gregor "the godfather of special packaging in conjunction with a vinyl record" Samsa and it's a giant floppy disk. So, there's only one thing left to say: Don't copy this floppy!

    Let‘s get detailed:
    Size: 300 x 300 x 10 mm
    Weight: 1.5 kg
    Sleeve: plastic
    Processing: steel / paper
    Duration: 26 Minutes per Copy
    Edition: limited edition of 1000 copies 150 gram, black vinyl