Hello, MELT-BANANA here. In 1993, we decided to name ourselves MELT-BANANA and so far we put out 5 albums and one live album, 19 eps and took a part in many compilations. (I said 5 albums, but actually 4 albums plus 1 reissued album from cassette tape release.) Our 1st album was recorded by Mr. Steve Albini at his old studio in Chicago. That was really the start for us to see not only Japan scene but also out side of Japan. After the recording, we had a show in Chicago at Lounge Ax, which was our very first show in USA, and we found out that people enjoyed our music a lot and they understand our music and accept it with full of applause. We were a tiny tinyJapanese band, and at that show we kind of found the way to head.


2nd album, also, was recorded by Steve, and this time, mixed by Jim O'Rourke in Chicago, and did a short tour. After that, we had an opportunity to tour with Mr. Bungle. We had a good experience to see a good musicians every night and talk with them, and also play in front of huge crowds.Sometimes it was hard because some audience yelled to us like, "Free Bird!" or "Go back to Japan!". But also most of the audience seemed they enjoyed our music, and sometimes people said, "You suck!" to people who yelled to us a mean things. Well, we didn't understand what "Free Bird" means, anyway. So we played Sweet Home Alabama for those silly guys. We also have toured in Europe, and so far we did 4 Europe tour. Europe tour is different from USA tour. Many countries, many kinds of money, many languages, many cultures....Every time when we tour in Europe, when we go to UK, we are invited to the Media Vale studio BBC to John Peel show. We usually do realtime live show on his show, and we heard that it is a kind of rare thing. Mr. Peel came to the studio, and did his show, and in the middle of his show, we played like show for about 30 min. Mr. Peel is very young, especially his voice is great and does not sound like 60 year old at all. And always Car crash in Italy....

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