• 01. Constellations
    02. Desert Sun
    03. Voices
    04. Copper Hills (Atacama Dreaming)
    05. Jupiter Beach
    06. Patagonia
    07. After The Rainbow
    08. Bulgaria
    09. Outro


    Atacama Dreaming

    [engl] It was year 2013 and the neo-psychedelic rock scene of Santiago de Chile’s was reaching its highest point. After releasing two albums that went from a primitive and urgent garage rock to a more elaborated space rock, Pontiacs, came through with their new self-produced album, “Atacama Dreaming”. Nine songs about the nature through its different dimensions, based on reverberant and repetitive melodies of space rock, dream pop and neo-psychedelia that give form to the most detailed and polished release of the band, which has not been officially released until now. Seven years later, Green Cookies Record presents it to the public in LP format, doing justice to a work that deserved more recognition than it had original received.
  • 01. Step Aboard
    02. A Simple Way
    03. Cyclic Epic (The Song Of The Barnegat Mosquito)
    04. Better Way
    05. The Girl That Cannot Love
    06. There's A War On
    07. Lightning Streak
    08. I've Found Someone
    09. Our Country's Still O.K.
    10. No One Follows The Daytime


    There's a war on

    [engl] Cool US'68 psychedelic concept album with all the right moves: solid songwriting, refreshing harmonies, studio effects, organ, fuzz guitar, electric piano, sunshine / baroque touches?Think Rainy Daze, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Doors. The Rainbow Press evolved from The Continental Divide, a college band from New York comprised of members from two previous British Invasion groups: The Group and The Specs. They were Bill Yergin on drums, Dave Troup on bass, Larry Milton on electric piano and 12- string guitar, Marc Ellis on guitar, Charlie Osborne on organ and Joe Groff on vocals. All the members sang vocal harmonies and the twin electric piano / organ action gave the band an unusual and cool sound. In 1968, Audio Fidelity approached them and a contract was secured. The band changed their name to the more groovy sounding The Rainbow Press and sessions for their first album started at Radio City in New York. ''There's a war on'' saw the light in 1968 on the Mr. G label (the ''hip'' branch of Audio Fidelity) and it's hard to believe this perfectly recorded and sounding psychedelic beauty was recorded by college students!
    EAN 4040824084974
  • 01. This Wheel‘s On Fire
    02. Stay With Me Baby
    03. I’m Blue
    04. Don’t Try To See Through Me
    05. The View From Tim Thompson’s Cell
    06. Letter To Home
    07. Bang Bang
    08. Temptations Bout To Get Me


    The Age Of Reason

    [engl] First ever vinyl reissue of this US’ 69 private album by this ad-hoc studio band project featuring ex-Telstars bass player Terry Gorka plus drummer Bill Manning, lead guitarist Billy Windsor and keyboard player Tommy Dildy. Heavy bluesy / soulish / R&B club jamming sound full of powerful Hammond organ, hard guitar and passionate vocals, not unlike early Vanilla Fudge. Devastating covers of The Band’s “This wheel’s on fire”, Savoy Brown’s “Stay with me baby” and Sonny Bono's (via Nancy Sinatra / Vanilla Fudge / Terry Reid) “Bang Bang” among others plus some choice originals. Starring guitar legend Danny Gatton on two tracks. Featured in Hans Pokora’s “1001 Record Collector Dreams” book.
    EAN 4040824086336
  • 01. Long Day Journey
    02. More Than I
    03. Mothers Got Troubles
    04. Pudsys Parable
    05. Ain?t It Great
    06. Breast Stroke Blues
    07. Solar Nice
    08. Breadbox
    09. Enola Gay


    Featuring Lynda Squires

    [engl] In late 1969, legendary Canadian psych band Reign Ghost recorded their second album, released the following year just when the band had ceased to exist and some of their members had formed prog/psych band Christmas. This is a fine example of West Coast styled psych- rock with reverberating / fuzz- wah guitar and male- female vocal harmonies, including absolute psych classics like the monster 9 minute long ?Enola Gay. One of the rarest and most expensive Canadian psych albums ever, officially reissued on vinyl for the first time.
  • 01. Travels of blue paradox
    02. Long day journey
    03. Standing room only, Mr. Mars
    04. Eyes knows, so does ears and Carolina
    05. Curio shop
    06. Black ode
    07. Gum wrapper song
    08. Southern Hemipshere Blues Legacy
    09. Reaching


    Reign Ghost

    [engl] Propulsed by Bob Brydens fuzzed- out guitar and Lynda Squires powerful vocals, Reign Ghost were the leading 60s underground psychedelic band from Canada. This is their rare and sought- after debut album from 1969, originally released on the collectable Allied label (Plastic Cloud, Folklords). An absolute psych classic with all the right ingredients: fuzz guitar, swirling organ, male- female vocals, studio effects, weird lyrics Tracks like Travels of blue paradox or Reaching are a must for any psychedelic rock fan.
  • 01. Dilation
    02. In The Past
    03. Chestnut Trees & Bumblebees
    04. Tomorrow Night's Mourning
    05. Wylde Tymes
    06. Kaleidoscope
    07. Tracers (Of Love)
    08. Night Of The Face
    09. Colours Of Your Mind
    10. Psycle Pswami
    11. Rainy Day Green Stop Sign
    12. Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych Out!)
    13. 10,000 Mirrors



    LP lim
    EAN 2090503854413
  • 01. Reality
    02. In My Mind
    03. Country Shakin' / History Makin'
    04. Ka Mon We're Gonna Rock All Night Long
    05. Heaven Was Blue
    06. Oh My God
    07. Baby In The Sand / It Burns Again Today
    08. Reality ( A
    09. Side Single Version)
    10. Country Shakin'
    11. History Makin' (B
    12. Side Single Version)
    13. Reality (Radio Mix)


    Heaven was blue

    [engl] First ever legit vinyl reissue of Rick Saucedo's mind- expanding, one- man, multi- tracked private press miracle in sound from 1978 ''Heaven Was Blue'' drifts in the same sonic milieu as fellow travelers in '60s square peg joy Darius, Marcus, D.R. Hooker (without the lounge allusions), or late period psych adventurers Michael Angelo and Bobb Trimble- and his concentration and vision equals or exceeds these international underground heroes. Rick Saucedo is an internationally- known Elvis tribute artist, actor and singer- songwriter from Chicago. In 1978, after some years of doing his Elvis show, he decided he wanted to have his own identity, recording an album with his own songs. The idea of ''Heaven Was Blue'' was born while he was doing the role of Elvis in the Broadway musical ''The Legend Lives On''. Influenced by The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Rick created ''Heaven Was Blue'' for himself, as he didn't care about the music of the time. All instruments on the album were played by Rick with a couple of friends helping him out. Songs like ''Reality'', which was written in a graveyard just after the passing of Mr. Presley or ''In My Mind'', which dated back to 1967, written just after ''Sgt. Pepper'' had come out, are prime examples of dreamy acid psych with Lennon- esque vocals, lysergic guitars & studio effects. There's also a couple of fuzz rockers with a strong '50s vibe and then there's the album centerpiece: the impressive 18- minute ''Heaven Was Blue'' suite, which Rick envisioned as an ''acid trip dream''. In words of Patrick Lundborg: ''?Saucedo pulls it off. Somehow like how you turn the wheels on a kaleidoscope, new melodies, guitar figures and arrangements emerge out of the old ones every three minutes, each sequence more swirling and enchanting that the last, with a sense of progression throughout.''
    EAN 4040824084707
  • 01. Child of The Sea
    02. Rebel Woman
    03. Rows on Rows
    04. Grab All The Light
    05. Don’t Go Away
    06. I’ll Be Going
    07. Nothing is Easy
    08. To Be Your Friend
    09. Azure Blue
    10. Waiting For The Sun
    11. Meant For You
    12. Victory


    Child Of The Sea

    [engl] Lost & found studio recordings (1971–79) by US singer–songwriter SID BRADLEY including some of the sought–after 45 sides released with his band ERIK in the early ’70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro–sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed–out psychedelic hard–rock to psych–pop and proto–power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Thomas Patterson (Shindig!). A phenomenal and versatile songwriter (he has written hundreds of songs) Sid Bradley started to play in garage bands like The Cavaliers in the 60s and by the early 70s he was part of Erik, a group responsible for a couple of self–produced 45s, "Child Of The Sea" / "Nothing Is Easy" and "Sometime In Your Life" / "Rebel Woman". These 45s were usually used for promo purposes and it was typical of Sid to load a few record boxes into his car and travel hundreds of miles, visiting all the radio stations, trying to pitch his music to the DJs. This one–man marketing operation actually worked fine, as Sid’s music was played in radio stations across the eastern US, Canada, England, and even Germany. And some of his songs were reviewed in Billboard, Record World or Rolling Stone. You may be familiar with the hard–psych sounding "Child Of The Sea" as it has been included on several psych comps and it was also part of the "Lodge 49" soundtrack. The flip, "Nothing Is Easy" wouldn’t sound out of place on any Rubbles volume. "Rebel Woman" is now considered a proto–metal cult classic and it was recently included on the "Brown Acid" series. After the demise of Erik, Sid continued recording his songs using different musicians. Most of these tracks remained unreleased until a few years ago, when Sid, encouraged by the interest on his old Erik 45s, decided to remaster them and put them available on several Digital only albums that caught the attention of mags like Shindig! We’re now very glad to present a selection of those tracks, collected for the first time on a vinyl LP.
  • 01. Sondi
    02. Rose, Rose, I Love You
    03. Buddha Knows
    04. China Nights (Shina No Yoru)
    05. Siamese Cat Song
    06. Love Dance
    07. Burma Train
    08. Buffalo Song
    09. Bali Hai
    10. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
    11. Song Of India
    12. Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara)



    [engl] First time reissued on CD outside of Asia! Sondi Sodsai represented Thailand in the Miss Universe 1959 beauty pageant. She went by the alias "Sondi Sodsai" in her acting career because her last name "was too difficult for foreigners to pronounce“. The same year her sole album "Sondi" was released on Liberty Records in the USA. The fact that it was produced by the star of the Exotica scene; Martin Denny, led (and still leads) to a huge interest in this record. Lot's of new songs where written for this album, but the classic hit of the day, "Bali Hai" somehow seemed to be a must in the selected tracks. It's a welcomed alternation to hear some not Hawaii/Tiki influenced Exotica here, which counts to the rather seldom cases.
    EAN 3891121306235
  • 01. Peace of mind
    02. Somewhere, sometime
    03. Bye, bye
    04. Lonely lady
    05. Ain?t used to crying
    06. Dance, dance
    07. Progress

    T KAIL

    Somewhere, Sometime

    [engl] First ever vinyl reissue of this lost- in- time US private press from 1980. Male- female vocals, fuzz guitar, synths?Echoes of the 60s San Francisco Sound (Tripsichord, Airplane or Quicksilver) mix with FM pop- rock and even jazz- funk. Considered by many collectors the best USA 80s psych LP along with Bobb Trimble.
  • cover


    Bullwinkle Part II: Surfers' Pajama Party Recorded Live On The U.C.L.A. Campus

    [engl] Plus 6 Bonus Tracks! Some acts have a cult reputation such as THE CENTURIANS or THE CENTURIONS as they were originally called. In 1967 they changed their name to THE CENTURIANS due to legal reasons. It only matters on a minor base for the main point of interest is, that this killer tunes were originally released in 1963. Originals fetch prices of 200 US$ in semi-nice condition and due to their appearance in the classic 90s Tarantino movie ?Pulp fiction? this band gained a cult following of younger people who kept their legacy alive and even brought them to reform for a second career which lasts until today. You can definitely hear that this is a Californian band. But they seem to come from the darker, windier and dirtier part of the beach where only overly tattooed bikers get their willing victims laid and the rough sea craves for the lives of daring surf maniacs. The music is surf rock'n'roll but different to most of the fluffy good time party bands. The bass guitar plays a mean line with all the tunes to give 'em a bent out of shape spine at which the beats of the drum, the desperately howling saxophone and the gloomy twangy guitarmony get tightened with rusty wire. The performance here is excellent, the musicians belong to the best of their genre. The atmosphere is just utterly mysterious, dark and dusty and the steaming hot melodies and the fuzzed out bass and saxophone lines let you grasp for air. Most popular tracks here are for certain their PULP FICTION hit ?Bullwinkle Pt. II? and ?Comanche? which is a famous tune from back in the day (also included on the PULP FICTION OST in a ravaging version by THE REVELS). The whole record has this desperate expression, the hunger for life and love young fellows from the darker side of town had back then and still have. A proper reissue of this long lost classic was long overdue.
    EAN 3891121306044
  • cover



    THE STRAWBERRY JAM (UK) haben mit ihrem Debut aus dem Jahr 2007 eine hervorragende Liebeserklärung an den dreckigen Garage-Psych-Sound der 60er abgeliefert.Proto-Punk Elemente reichen Country-Rock die Hand und vermengen sich mit abgedrehtem Hippie-Folk zu einer farbenfrohen Reise in die Weiten der Klänge. Freaked-Out !
    LP lim
    EAN 0710473604147
  • 01. Behold & See (Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos)
    02. Mind Flowers
    03. Where You're At
    04. What You're Thinking Of (Jazz Thing)
    05. Fragmentary March Of Green
    06. Genesis Of Beauty (In Four Parts)
    07. Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse


    Behold And See

    [engl] I love the late 60s psyche rock scene, especially from the USA. ULTIMATE SPINACH from Boston / Massachusetts are one of these jewels buried in the dust of oblivion quickly after their musical activities were put to an end around 1970. Well, let’s check this one out, their second album from 1968. It couldn't start better: A groovy, relaxed rock tune with a slight blues and even country rock feel on which a snotty, yet haunting female voice spits out a straight verse melody and gets joined by her bandmates for the lush melodic and flown off chorus. Nice howling acid guitars add some power to this actually quite easy piece. Next comes a sluggish acid blues with utterly fuzzed out guitar dementia and vocals tortured by LSD induced nightmares, backed with a few trippy organ lines and stumbling and tumbling drum patterns. It should be one of the most striking pieces of acid rock that will have ever hit your ears. ULTIMATE SPINACH though take a few different directions on their “Behold and see” album, including gently flowing tunes with heartwarming melodies, classic west coast rockers with these loopy ambulance siren like guitars, a bit of a garage feel and big but still dreamy chorus melodies and even peaceful flower pop with a fundament of jazzy rhythmical structures and mind caressing melodies that could easily be taken from a hard bop classic released 6 or 7 years prior to this. I would have thought about a Californian band right away if I would not know it better. ULTIMATE SPINACH often walk on the very border to the pop side of psyche and sometimes cross this line well knowing what they’re doing. But when they turn back into the promised land of colorful dreams and braid your mind with organ lines of pastoral beauty, you will lose the ground beneath your very feet. Lovers of THE ZOMBIES, THE BOW STREET RUNNERS, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, THE GRATEFUL DEAD but also BRIAN AUGER TRINITY will wallow in sheer rupture when this album rotates in their stereos.
    EAN 029667414821
  • 01. The Crystal Chandelier - The Setting Of Despair
    02. The Last Word - Bidin' My Time
    03. The Whatever - The Valley Of Death
    04. The Allies - I'll Sell My Soul
    05. The World Column - Lantern Gospel
    06. The Hobbits - Strawberry Children
    07. The Picture - Evolution
    08. West Coast Branch - Colors Of My Life
    09. The Morticians - It's Gonna Take A While
    10. 1st National Band - When Once It Was Good
    11. The Savage Generation - You're Not Going To Change My World
    12. The Starfires - There's Still Time
    13. Hindenburg Lyon - Eden
    14. Ford Theatre - Jefferson Airplane
    15. The Lords - Death Bells At Dawn
    16. The United Travel Service - Wind And Stone
    17. Culver Street Playground - East River Lovers
    18. Utopia Carwash - Loneliness
    19. The Venus Flytrap - The Note
    20. The Rainy Daze - In My Mind Lives A Forest
    21. The Zero Tolerance - Acid And Flowers


    Acid And Flowers

  • 01. Juan Muro - Vuestro Mundo
    02. Alcy Agüero Y Su Orquesta Pop - Quiero Bailar
    03. Los Goya - Arbol Sin Raiz
    04. Pedro Gonzalez - El Samurai
    05. Microns - Liberacion
    06. Calderon - Marcha De Aida
    07. Barbara - Conquistador De Carton
    08. Los Tíos Queridos - Por Eso Vuelve, Por Favor
    09. Márquez - Barahunda
    10. Tinglado 13 - I Miss You
    11. Jou Cogra - Crater Satanico
    12. Alfredo Doménech Y Su Conjunto - Arabesco
    13. Greg Segura - Distorsionando
    14. Polos Opuestos - Smartypants


    Atenshion! Refleshion! Spanish Psychedelic Grooves 1967-76

    [engl] Get ready for the ultimate psychotronic party!! Underground soul, psychedelic funk, Hammond and library grooves, dirty fuzz guitars, wah-wah, horns, drum breaks, crazy bongos...14 tracks taken from rare and unknown until now Spanish records from the late 60s and early 70s, many of them released on small and private labels, including the Türkish style hard-psych-groove of Pedro Gonz lez with "El Samurai" and the ultra-rare private pressing EP by Alcy Agüero y Su Orquesta Pop featuring the killer scat-fuzz dancer "Quiero bailar"... But wait... there's more! Powerful soul movers by Juan Muro, Tios Queridos and Los Goya ; Hammond grooves by Marquez and Polos Opuestos ; library-fuzz-groove by Jou Cogra, Calderón and Greg Segura, progressive soul by Microns...
    EAN 6038152913682
  • 01. Aloha Malahini! - Intro
    02. Gene Rains Group, The - Bangkok Cock Fight
    03. Ted Auletta And His Orchestra - Quiet Village
    04. Jerry Byrd - Bird Of Paradise
    05. Surfmen, The - Taboo
    06. Frank Hunter And His Orchestra - White Goddess
    07. Warren Baker And His Orchestra - Malayan Nightbird
    08. Phil Moore And His Orchestra - Return To Paradise
    09. Johnny Spencer And The Kona Koasters - S'Pacifica
    10. Royal Samoans, The - Simalu
    11. Milt Raskin - Kapu
    12. Polynesians, The - Hawaiian China Doll
    13. Chaino & His African Percussion Safari - The Jungle Chase
    14. Sondi Sonsai - Sondi
    15. Yokohama Knights, The - A Man And A Woman
    16. Outrigger Canoe Ride - Outro


    Paradise Found Vol. 1: Rare Exotic Sounds

    [engl] Born from the unfulfilled desires of a whole generation for a peaceful, yet adventurous life in a mystifying environment, a new pop art style emerged in the 1950s combining elements of different cultures from the Pacific area. Part of this movement became a smooth, yet exciting music with a strongly picturesque approach labeled as “exotica”. The compilation at hand “Paradise Found - Rare Exotic Sounds Vol. 1” captures the entire spectrum of moods and directions this music took at the pinnacle phase of its popularity. Beginning with an introduction broadcasted from Hawaii and a salutation ceremony in every imaginable language spoken on the Polynesian islands, the compilation directly pulls you into a colorful and far-a-way world. Close your eyes, have a fruity cocktail and drift through the mystical soundscapes based on laid back swing and haunting bebop fundament with sudden interjections of Polynesian traditional music, screaming monkeys and yelling parrots, hot blooded ritual dances with that certain savage feeling and charming melodies that bring pictures of a sunset at a beautiful beach to your mind with the wind softly blowing through the crowns of the palm trees. Exotica music as it is featured here is the mind bending and expanding musical experience of the 1950s. The psychedelic dreams of the early post war USA. So be enchanted by this captivating compilation. Aloha!
    EAN 5051890083593
  • 01. Littles - Fatemah Sultan
    02. Moha Jamin - Sheesh Va Hesht Moha Jamin
    03. The Flowers - Meekshi Manoo
    04. Littles - 4x8 Jadeed
    05. Group Takhala La - Dokhtar E Darya
    06. Zia - Man Kiam?
    07. Ojoobe Ha - Sartegar Nakesh Chen
    08. Penahi - Dance Music
    09. Moha Jamin - Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe
    10. Golden Ring - Bar Ay Dokhtar Ha
    11. Moha Jamin - Raks Raks Raks
    12. The Rebels - Indian Rebels
    13. Kourosh - Akhm Nakon
    14. Googoosh - Respect
    15. Saeed - Mosh Va Karnah
    16. Golden Ring - Shekar Dar Kohestan
    17. Littles - Mehtaab
    18. Rebels - Sha La La
    19. Saeed - Kocheh Asha
    20. Golden Ring - Pasar Ha Naz Kaneed
    21. Zinguala Ha - Atal Matal
    22. Shakayik - A B C D
    23. Zia - Baroun Behar Do Barah
    24. Ojoobe Ha - Beware
    25. Bijan - Baroon Omad
    26. Rebels - What Can He Do
    27. Shabah - I Need Somebody To Love


    Raks Raks Raks: 17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets From The Iranian 60s Scene

    [engl] CD version with 10 bonus tracks! This is one of the most anticipated as well as unexpected compilations from the global depths of 60s and 70s rock'n'roll: The Persian scene. Let alone coming across with a representative compilation, even solid evidences of such a scene has not been seen until now and has been largely suspected, maybe save for a select few of eager garage and psychedelic record collectors and enthusiasts of worldwide rock, who have been trying to hunt such sounds on the internet and private collectors' circles, usually to no avail. Needless to say, the most important factor in this has been the obvious hideously rare status that Iran's pre-Revolution East-West cross cultural artefacts are in right now. As with almost all Asiatic countries, the Shadows and the Ventures seem to be the true and primal influence in the Iranian music scene of the most part of 60s for the rock sound and attitude to penetrate the country's fledgeling record industry and its swinging public base. In 1964, the legendary Top4 company opened up and started releasing choice chart hits from the worldwide lists, on 4-track EPs, followed soon by MonoGram and other companies. These mixed up records featured a lot of popular songs of the day, spanning the whole European continent i.e. including what's referred to now as 'Euro pop' hits and the 'big brothers', UK and US charts. The day's youth back then was lucky: they could follow the West moment by moment now. The foremost impact of these were to feature and spread British invaders, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, otherwise available only on radio. Come 1966, 60s was in full swing in Iran too!
    EAN 6038152913750
    EAN 6038152913675