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    Zero Set (40th anniversary edition)

    [engl] In 1983, Dieter Moebius (Cluster) and legendary producer Conny Plank teamed up for the third time, resulting in the Zero Set project. On this occasion, they were backed up by one of the best drummers
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    Tonspuren (40th anniversary edition)

    [engl] By 1969 at the latest, Dieter Moebius was synonymous with the avant-garde electronic music scene in Germany. He and Hans-Joachim Roedelius formed Cluster, a seminal electronic/ambient duo, whilst Moeb
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    Streams and Waterways

    [engl] For an album that hits with an instant rush of fuzz-fuelled energy, the gestation time for Witching Waves’ Streams and Waterways has been somewhat more protracted. A blistering advancement of the kn
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    Give Notice Of..

    [engl] Full throtle Japanese Hardcore. First released 1990 on legendary Selfish Records this Japanese hardcore classic is available on vinyl again 30 years later.
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    Shadows Of The Afterworld

    [engl] The second full length LP from Portland's HELLSHOCK lives up to everything we hoped for and more. Eight new killer tracks of crust punk that sounds as if it were right out of the late 1980's U
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    Poison Head

    [engl] The perfect meld of Japanese noise, British chaos and American muscle. And punk as shit. Most of it clocks in at illegal decibel levels with frenzies to match but the real gem of the EP is the hypnoti
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    [engl] Catatonic Suns is Patrick Shields (guitar, vocals) , Jakob Christman (bass) and Caleb Strobl (drums) Catatonic Suns new album sees them blend the underground psychedelia of the late 80s / early 90s Pa
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    A Brutal Sight Of War

    [engl] The first Disfear material finally available on vinyl again. The ‘Self Titled’ 7inch from 1992 and the ‘A Brutal Sight Of War’ recordings from 1993. Originally the material was released as two
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    Out Of Hand

    [engl] Legendary Hiatus return with Out of Hand, a powerful blend of Jupiler fuelled melodic crust punk and enduring political message, marking a vibrant continuation of their '90s legacy. "Out of Hand"
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    Soul Scars

    [engl] The first Disfear material finally available on vinyl again. The ‘Self Titled’ 7inch from 1992 and the ‘A Brutal Sight Of War’ recordings from 1993. Originally the material was released as two
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    Everyday Slaughter

    [engl] After the first 7inches and the Soul Scars LP Disfear released their second longplayer 1997. As expected crushin Swedish hardcore combining the intensity and bleak anti war imagery of early UK bands w
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    Live The Storm

    [engl] Disfears 2008 masterpiece available on vinyl again. Relapse records did some pressings, later on the band licensed it themselves for some pressings for tours and now after some years it’s the band a
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    [engl] MARTYRDÖD List is Martyrdöds 6th album. Brutally raw and powerful like always, with even more forceful melodies lined up in incredible pace, thick and tight sound and overwhelming darkness this albu
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    Dummedagen Kommer

    [engl] The first longplayer from KASSHUVE – “Dummedagen kommer” after the great 7" in 2020 on much admired Adult Crash. The Malmö punks deliver 11 tunes of straight forward hardcore punk, always in fu
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    [engl] 2017, the year scores of bands playing “This Is England”-core and turning the scene into an increasingly unfunny joke ever since the last 86 Mentality tour turned their attention to Snix and Nabat
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    Terror Zone

    [engl] Straight from the heart of downtown Bruxelles comes Instructor, a band that formed out of a group of friends who have been working hard to grow a local DIY scene centred around the Cobra Jaune Club. T
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    War Rages On – Artefacts

    [engl] 7 years after we brought you the very first Memoriam output with The Hellfire Demos 7" on Cosmic Key Creations, we teamed up with these legends again. This time we are proud to present you a ten tra
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    Diabolical Summoning

    [engl] Classic and cult Dutch death metal album, originally released by Nuclear Blast in 1993. Here is the official 2023 repress released in a gatefold sleeve. Issued under exclusive license from Nuclear Bl
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    The Soil Throne

    [engl] "UK deathsters Malediction return from a long recording hiatus with their new masterpiece "The Soil Throne". The band were major players in the worldwide underground scene in the late 80s and early
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    Scramble / Tarantula

    [engl] Pounding southern Ohio surf instrumental BLASTER ala the Wailers' "Wailin", replete with infectious handclaps & ungodly screams! FLIP: Kentucky garage instrumental wailer somewhat "Tequila"-riffed
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    [engl] Third album by Sentenced (Finland) that marks the breakthrough to a wider audience. Amok was released in 1995 by Century Media Records. Here is the official vinyl repress on Cosmic Key Creations lim
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    Another Voice

    [engl] After the anthemic albums “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Riot, Riot, Upstart” and “Dead Yuppies” you could (more or less) say that AGNOSTIC FRONT returned with a blast through the album that
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    El Lobo / El Vampire

    [engl] A two-sided trip to 'EL! Pummeling jungle/Tequila SLOPstromental on the A! FLIP: Demented Mexican jungle lope slinkiness with demented accompaniment of bird/ape/bat sounds!
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    Judgement Day

    [engl] Debut LP from Melbourne Australia’s Judges. A 36-minute meditation on the power of THE RIFF from some of the folks who brought you Smarts, Cereal Killer, and Living Eyes. Monster stomp ripping dual