• 01.Once in a Blue Moon
    02. Freak
    03.Cave Of Memory
    04.Lonely Figures
    05.Bought And Sold
    06. Memories
    07. 2019
    08.Circles In The Sand



    [engl] Anglo-French Singer-Songwriter Michael Baker has come up with a special concept for all fans of genuine, warm Indie- Folk music: For June 2nd, he announces his digital EP “Freak” as well as an extended album version of “Freak” only available on vinyl published by LOTTE LINDENBERG Records. Making a plea for a joint return to times before Spotify, iTunes and Co., the digital EP includes only four tracks whereas the “Freak” album on vinyl offers a broader song collection of eight songs. The title track “Freak” perfectly emphasizes this nostalgic vibe: “The song explores feelings of sentimentality as well as feeling outcast or different. But it’s also about finding your groove again”, says Michael about the song. The eight tracks on the “Freak” vinyl give a more detailed insight into the mind of the singer- songwriter: Songs about ADHD, depression, sadness or self- consciousness create an intimate atmosphere on vinyl, which the singer-songwriter also creates live on stage. Michael Baker has gained a lot of attention in the UK with his performances. In 2022, he made his Glastonbury debut. He has also performed three times at the official Great Escape including being featured by AWAL distribution as one of their ‘artists to watch in 2019’. Moreover, he played live at the Black Deer Festival and the Union Chappel Church in London. The singer-songwriter also gained placements in editorial playlists including Spotify’s “Lost In The Woods”, Apple Music’s “New in Indie” & Deezer’s “Coffee Chill” and has been featured in The Independent, Clash & Mahogany. In 2023, he’ll be playing at Glastonbury Festival again.
    EAN 4056813357271
  • cover


    R U Saved?

    [engl] The Motor City does it again, folks! From the birthplace of some of the most significant sounds of the past sixty-odd years, the Stools are certainly no exception to Detroit's musical legacy. The trio's self-professed "Nuggets vs. Killed By Death" sound is back in full effect on 'R U Saved?', which could be considered the first proper Stools full length after a slew of EPs and singles. Whether you're just hearing 'em for the first time or have been tuned in through past releases on Drunken Sailor, Goodbye Boozy, Third Man, and Big Neck - the Stools are at the top of their game here in 2023. Twelve songs in twenty-three minutes, a blaze of bluesy punk damage born from a steady diet of the Stooges, Negative Approach, and the Gories with a dash of that far-gone Memphis sound in the mix. The Stools are a fine-tuned unit across 'R U Saved?' - an album chock full of replay value from the raw, unpretentious, and industrious Detroit trio.
  • 01. Lovely Land of Massacre
    02. Forty Night Stand
    03. *Glasses Clink, Men Laugh*
    04. Long Form Girlfriend
    05. The Soft Open for the Cabaret
    06. Lord Demon's Delight
    07. Kathy's Coming
    08. Glitter Everywhere
    09. Confirmed Bachelor
    10. The Unicorn
    11. I Don't Think It's Funny


    Confirmed Bachelor

    [engl] First pressing of 300. The all-encompassing bid to mid-thirties singledom, sung from that lonesome, soulful heart of Good Looking Son is here to awaken 2023. Following 2021's debut 'Fantasy Weekend' EP - the Cincinnati project anchored by Keith Harman (the Cowboys) on vocals + piano returns in roaring fashion with ten new originals, finished off with a nostalgic rendition of a Bee Gees classic. Jerome Westerkamp's Checkered Flag Studios are once again the perfect basement analog backdrop for a caterwauling trip into blurry sixties-esque melodies, baroque tongue-in-cheek pop dashes, and liquored flurries of vocal brilliance that blossom across 'Confirmed Bachelor'. The musicianship of the Queen City shines through with Westerkamp, joined by fellow Vacation (and Tweens) member John Clooney, and Andrew Jody (Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Long Gones) contributing to the dynamism of tracks like "Long Form Girlfriend" and "Kathy's Coming". There's a certain twisted middle-American pop thing that Good Looking Son clearly bend towards the future. The next level...who knows? But enough to at least nod that discerning ear forward while jangling keys drive the shot clock past double zero, that's for sure. GLS leave this thing covered in glitter and great songwriting - castaways afloat in a vessel navigating one boozy mess of dirty water and sunshine pop.
  • 01. Baby
    02. I got Love
    03. Donna
    04. Rat
    05. Fool.
    06. Hot Fun
    07. Want Some
    08. Why
    09. Angel
    10. Dally Grind


    Come on and feel the Love

    [engl] The Love is the lovechild of Bob Belmans who after a lifetime in the dark finally takes his place in the spotlight. Like a Shaggy Roy Orbison he seduces you with his silky voice to take you then with him to the dark caverns of nasty garage-rock and deranged 60s soul. Bob Belmans was writing songs anonymously for years in his garden house, just keeping them to himself, until he felt like the time had come out and let the world hear about it. He gathered experienced forces of the Belgian underground around him with a history in bands like El Guapo Stuntteam, The Sha-la-lees, The Sore Losers and JFJ. They went to the mountains and came back two days later with ten songs about love and life, all recorded in one tumultuous weekend. No overdubs, no backing tracks, just catching the honesty and raw energy of the songs, as real as it gets. Being influenced by all things Motown, 70’s New York cool and that classic early rock and roll sound, it all comes together in a guitar driven, straightforward modern day garagerock record. Expect excitement, expect a mess, expect realness, but it won’t be boring and that’s a promise.
    EAN 4260016922246
  • 01. Born To Lose (For You)
    02. Is It True
    03. Natural Good
    04. What’s Mine
    05. Finish What You Start
    06. Wasted Youth
    07. The Jigg Is Up
    08. Tell Me
    09. It Ain’t Nova
    10. Garbage Dreams
    11. Too Little, Too Late
    12. Liar
    13. Hong Kong Sally


    Garbage Dreams

    [engl] The Sha-La-Lee’s are a belgian/dutch Proto punk/ Garage rock and roll band with former members of El Guapo Stuntteam, the Sore Losers, the Kik and Powervice. Way beyond their teens, close to being deaf, backpains and receding hairlines they are still too dumb to quit... A new album will be released end of May '23 containing 13 songs about the usual shit , love, frustation ,tragedy and lies. Link Wray, The Sonics, Oblivians, Roky Erickson, The Deadly Snakes,Chuck Berry MC5 and Reigning Sound are some of the bands the Sha-La-Lee’s have stolen from. Everything would be said in a nutshell if there wasn't more to it than that. The Sha- La-Lee’s is the logical step after 30 years of experience in the music business. Everyone knows these kitsch films, man/woman from the village goes out into the big world, does business, feels empty, comes back and finds happiness. Even if this image conveyed is wrong, there is an important narrative in it. Happiness needs direct contact. And that's how it is in rock 'n' roll. Big stages help the ego, but they never convey the real idea of rock 'n' roll. Perhaps this thought was the inspiration behind the founding of the Sha-La-Lee’s. The smell of cigarette smoke at the concert, a beer bottle to your lips instead of a half-crushed plastic cup. Conversations after the show with like-minded people instead of the same small business talks in the locked backstage area. It's a guess, but one that's suggested by the sound of the album. This rough form of writing songs, paired with 30 years of band, stage and whatever experience, makes old garage punk hearts swarm. "Garbage Dreams" has something timeless about it, a sound that doesn't pander to anyone, that's what it is - garage punk the way I love it.
    EAN 4260016922253
  • 01. Alien Touch
    02. I Just Wanna Pay
    03. Stifled
    04. Power Control
    05. Driveway
    06. Social Psychic Vampire
    07. Your Time
    08. Let's Be Mean
    09. My Meat
    10. Man's Power


    Welcome To Clarko

    [engl] "America's Little Brother" is back after a lengthy stay at the Deformatory for the Young and Well Adjusted. It's been a productive placement that has birthed the debut dozen dubbed "Welcome To Clarko". An arms wide invitation to the double mad anxious new wave/brainpunk world of smart-mouthed subversion, man-made aneurysms, knee-jerk antagonism and juvenile gambling addictions. In short, a delight for the senseless.
    LP purple
  • 01. Feed The Clones
    02. Reptilians Are Going Overground
    03. I’m A Creature Of The Night
    04. Hollow Animated Shells
    05. The Space Lab Is Completely Trashed
    06. I’ve Been Framed
    07. Darwin Daycare
    08. The Gambler
    09. Perfect Sperm For Sale
    10. Logan Escapes The Carousel
    11. Parents Plus FBI Equals Cahoots V.2


    Feed The Clones Pt. 1

    [engl] Another wild down-tuned synth-riddled cut and paste ride through the devolving post-apocalyptic ocean of a maniac's mind. Get in the barge and rip ass through the rolling waves of Spits/Voodoo/Reatard/Can infused space punk that tackles such heady subjects as night creatures, Darwinian caregiving, space labs, paranoia, Reptilians (real) and perusing a selection of perfect sperm for purchase (shrinkwrapped for freshness of course, hahaha). Choose wisely.
    LP blue
  • 01. Hall of Fame
    02. Shock Site
    03. Chicken
    04. Talking on the Phone
    05. Dirt Bike
    06. Sitting on my Chest
    07. Thin
    08. Tannoy
    09. Perfect Stranger
    10. Searching for a Stream
    11. Pool Ball
    12. Valley


    Searching For A Stream

    [engl] For years, Garden Centre’s Max Levy has been searching for a steady stream. A stream to watch sports on, a stream to glean information from, a stream to wade in. Occasionally, he’ll immerse himself shin-deep in an actual, physical stream: an activity that pulls him in closest to the hum of the universe. Living is a fractured and fractious experience. A stream is a promise of resonance, unifying our innermost being with our outside reality. This is an album about streams. Levy has already toured extensively across the UK and abroad with the likes of Dry Cleaning and Porridge Radio (with whom Garden Centre shares members). He has also found a fan in Frank Ocean, who has playlisted Garden Centre multiple times on his popular Blonded radio show. Searching For A Stream, however, is a clear step-up for Garden Centre. An exquisitely self-contained world which also seems to expand with each listen, Levy’s latest album proves that there is beauty in the ordinary, oft-missed details of our everyday lives. If only we could stay in the stream long enough to really feel them. Yellow vinyl limited to 500 copies.
    LP yellow
    EAN 0619793366455
  • 01. Sofadecken Platzpatronen
    02. Einsam Bist Du Sehr Alleine
    03. Mit'm Bock Auf Nichts
    04. Sowjetfrau
    05. Voodoo Rap
    06. Kaufhalle Schlange Stehen
    07. Grau
    08. Gefühlslalom
    09. Ich Fühle Mich In Grenzen Wohl
    10. Gegen Verführung
    11. Was Dir Meine Waschmaschine Ist Mir Deine Schleuder
    12. Wer Singt Heute Schon Die Lieder Von Morgen
    13. Ärsche Setzen Sich Durch



    ROSA EXTRA war als Ost-Berliner-Punk-Band – eine der ersten DDR-Punk Bands überhaupt- von 1980 bis 1984 aktiv. Die Verbindung ihrer schroffen Punk-Klänge mit avantgardistisch-literarischen Texten, u.a. von den Szene-Dichtern Stefan Döring oder Bert Papenfuß verlieh ROSA EXTRA - das Prädikat Art-Punk, zunächst jedoch ohne musikalische Entsprechung. Im Januar 1983 nahm die Band in der Nähe von Dresden einige Titel für den von Sascha Anderson mit Partnern in West-Berlin geplanten "DDR VON UNTEN " Sampler auf, nach Strafandrohung durch die DDR Staats-Sicherheit zog Spalda seinen Beitrag aber wieder zurück. Anfang 1984 benannte sich die Band als zähneknirschender Tribut an die durch eine "Einstufung" zu erreichende offizielle Auftrittsgenehmigung in Hard Pop um, weitere Projekte der Musiker waren u.a. die Bands AUFRUHR ZUR LIEBE und ORNAMENT & VERBRECHEN. Die LP erscheint als hochwertiges Gatefoldcover im Inside-Out-Druck, dazu liegen ein Begleitheft mit Fotos und Bandhistory in LP-Größe bei und natürlich auch ein Downloadcode. Die Orchestrierung: Bass, E-Gitarre, Geige und Klavier.
  • 01. Knife In My Leg
    02. Outside
    03. Feet On The Brim Of My Board
    04. Awesome
    05. Oyster
    06. The Picture Of Dorian Gray
    07. The Harmony
    08. Someone Gave Me A Special Gift
    09. Lovebirds
    10. My Heroes Are Gone
    11. Black Skyliner


    Immaculate Protection

    Erster Longplayer der Nowaves aus 2017, damals noch ein Trio aber schon die zuckersüß-verspulte Hitmaschine, deren Konzerte in einer besseren Welt niemals enden würden.
  • 01. La Vie
    02. Nichtstun
    03. Vulkan
    04. Die Angst
    05. WBS
    06. Bored
    07. Pflasterstrand
    08. Bizzy
    09. Fenster
    10. Welle



    Splizz - wow! - spätestens nach 50 Sekunden 'La Vie' sollte jeder/m klar sein, wohin die Reise geht. Stimmung, Melodien und Düsternis direkt aus England, 1980 geborgt, mit dem relativ cleanen Monarchie und Alltag Setup vermischt um dann Post-Punk gelabelt zu werden. Nochmal wow! Zehn Songs die permanent zwischen 'Teenage Angst', 'Hausaufgaben gemacht' und DIY hin und her pendeln und sich wie ein warmes Messer in der Butter in Dein Gehirn hineinarbeiten.
  • 01. Old Piece Of Shit
    02. Unsung Hero
    03. Chicken Wings
    04. Brand Old Van
    05. Coming Back
    06. Looking Alright
    07. Burned Rubber
    08. Tough Life
    09. Späti
    10. The Garden
    11. The Heat
    12. Elevator Man


    My Life Is A Mess

    Schon gurgelt eisgekühltes Stella Artois in einer Vuvuzela die Kehle runter: Parking Lot aus dem überschaubar-tropischen Leipzig spielen auf ihrer aktuellsten Musikkaszetten-Auskopplung My Life is a Mess (positive thinking!) dem diesjährigen Hitze-Sommer entgegen. Das Sonnendeck wird gerade noch von Algen gesäubert, schon erklingen 12 fruchtige Quasi-Hits dieses quirlig-gemergelte Beachboys-Trio (u.a. Telesatan, Staches, Snitsh Pitsh, Mellie, Mosquito Ego, ...) im Vorprogramm der Frühstücks-Animation. Irgendwo zwischen cartoonigem Surf und mitreiszendem Garage Punk changiert dieses Machwerk vorpubertärer Musikanbändelung ganz wunderbar. Rhythmisch, schnell, zappelig, choral! Von den Randliegen am Pool winken die rotgebrannten Szenegröszen Lassie und Doc Flippers. Textlich geht’s beinahe hörspielhaft zur Sache über Gängiges (love, life and lazyness) - alles elementare Punk-Zutaten einer zuckersüszen Granita-Melange à la L-O-L! Auf Tour durch Deutschland-Mittelerde sind Parking Lot (auch: Parking Lord!) ab Ende März und danach in deinem Walkman am Dauernuddeln. Drum guck’ jetzt nicht so deppert, sondern greif zur analogen Kopie! In der Juli-Glut des Jahres 2023 wird’s bald eh kein Wifi-Signal mehr für dich und dein Spritzwaszer-geschütztes Huawei geben…
  • cover



    Nach ANGESCHISSEN und DAS MOOR setzten BLUMEN AM ARSCH DER HÖLLE von 1991 bis 1994 die Bandhistorie von Jens Rachut fort. Hier kommt nun endlich die Wiederveröffentlichung des legendären und einzige Albums der Hamburger Punkband. Mit Gründungsgitarrist Andreas Ness entstand ein schlagkräftiges Team, das den besonderen Rachutpunkkosmos komplementierte. Zu Beginn der 90er war der Ansatz, atmosphärische und harmonisch uneindeutige Gitarrenparts sowie interessante Rhythmik und Breaks mit deutschen Texten zu verbinden, die sich geschickt zwischen düsterer Poesie und aggressiver Ansage bewegten, alles andere als gewöhnlich. Legionen von nachfolgenden Bands wie z.B. TURBOSTATT, MUFF POTTER oder CAPTAIN PLANET folgten bis heute dem Weg, den die ersten Rachutbands fast exklusiv seit Ende der Achtziger beschritten. Die ursprünglich auf Buback erschienene Platte, kam 1992 mit 14 Songs. Im Jahre 2000 wurde eine remasterte Version mit abweichender Songreihenfolge sowie den zusätzlichen Songs “1976” und “Wills Nicht Mehr” auf Schiffen wiederveröffentlicht. Diese Reihenfolge wurde hier übernommen und noch die BLONDIE Coverversion “Picture This” draufgepackt. Neben dem an das Buback-Original angelehnte Textblatt enthält die LP zudem eine 7" im eigenen Cover, die zwei nur auf Samplern erschienene Songs und drei Proberaumaufnahmen enthält. Das prägnante Coverartwork stammt vom renommierten Maler Daniel Richter und kommt als 350 g/m² LP-Cover.
    LP + 7''
  • 01. Neonlichterherzen
    02. Klappmesser statt Subwaykarte
    03. Lie, Copulate And Die
    04. Unterschicht
    05. Aldi Youth
    06. You Only Lobotomize Once
    07. Hollister
    08.$tabil am Inhalieren
    09. Die Nüchternheit der Stille
    10. Penner
    11. W.S.D.D.A.
    12. Blümeranz
    13. Adelskrone
    14. Kräftemethen
    15. High Kickz statt D-Land
    16. FAR•CE oder Henry Rollins würde Dich Scheisze finden
    17. Alderaan
    18. Life Went Whack
    19. Fuck Nazi Sympathy
    20. MHGTTT
    21. Irgendwann & mal wieder
    22. Nur ein erbärmlicher Versuch
    23. Taking Part Equal Selbstwert
    24. Sich irgendetwas zu beweisen


    2014 - 2017

    Und wieder präsentiert uns der Schwund durch den engen Tubenhals gepresste, telegrammartige Schmalfilm-Weisheiten auf Basis von surrealistischem Dada-Vortex-NDW und quantisiertem Mantra-Blues. Wie er selbst immer sagt: "No-Punk." Schwund ist Euer Betriebsausflug auf die nächstgelegene Müllkippe.
    LP lim
  • 01. Metaphern
    02. Rum Art
    03. Himmel
    04. Deine Wache
    05. Traumbanditen
    06. Die Astronautin
    07. Perlen Und Ketten I
    08. Der Trennungswurm
    09. Es Wird Wieder Kalt
    10. Techoroto
    11. Das Wildschwein
    12. Lebenszeiträumer
    13. Perlen Und Ketten II


    Ein Krieg der Stille

    Jens Rachut, Thomas Wenzel, Atli Grund, Ruth May Frederike Ernst und Elisabeth Wöllert finden unter dem Namen KLEIBER zu einem Konzeptalbum zusammen: Der Dschungel bellt Der Dschungel böllt - mit diesem Satz fing die erste Oper an - komponiert um 128 v Christus von Angurius Plagos in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. Jetzt, heute, im Zeitalter des digitalen Kummers und der Verwirrung kommt wieder eine Oper, geschaffen in einer Zeit, in welcher niemand – außer Jens Rachut – Zeit und Mut für ein solches Werk hat. Oder ein Label, welches verrückt genug ist, dieses zu veröffentlichen. KLEIBER ist eine Reise in die Tiefen der Traurigkeit. 4 Akte über einen Trennungswurm, der nach Paaren sucht, die schon länger stillstehen und sich nach seinem Biss trennen. Unaufhörlich wie die Zeit, Abweichungen, Vereinsamung, Verschwinden in der Nacht... Die Orchestrierung: Bass, E-Gitarre, Geige und Klavier.
  • 01. Alone2
    02. 100 Black Holes
    03. Miles Away
    04. Dawning Day
    05. La Lune
    06. White Tiger
    07. Ton Nom
    08. The Way To Go
    09. Kill Me Now 10. No Return


    No Return

    [engl] """The first time I visited their house (some artist space dump), V showed me some of their music. What I first expected to be a random demo, was a discography of over ten full albums. We listened to one after another, each filled with incredible melodies, beats and lyrics about genuine love, pain and hate. With no time for showers, teeth-brushing or keeping a tidy room, V is one of the most productive musicians I’ve ever met.” - David Hantelius (Cuntroaches, Urin) - V’s long-time friend and former bandmate in Batalj and Transylvania. Despite being Hellbent on becoming the popstar that they are, V (perhaps to our good-fortune) was coerced into the punk domain. V’s music is dark, raw and uncomplicated. In 2012, V collaborated with Adrienne Teicher (Tusk, HYENAZ) and together they transformed V’s early demos into an ornate electronic, goth and darkwave infused production, with added beats and radiant arrangements. Our Berlin-based foundation - Le Petit Signal - is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of V’s demos with a baby blue cover, the third in a undeclared series of primary color pressings. LPS is honored to release this honest, pure, festive and minimal triumph from our dear friend and adored artist V, which we have entitled ‘No Return.’
    LP lim
  • 01. Theme
    02. Touch
    03. Erasure
    04. Sleep Therapy
    05. Neptune
    06. Lizard Teeth
    07. Cool Television
    08. Conditioner



    [engl] Erupting onto the New York punk scene, Brooklyn based band Pyrex have made waves after releasing a handful of well-received singles and tapes and touring the US generating significant buzz. At long last, the group is releasing their highly anticipated debut LP "PYREX". The LP delivers driving, scrappy hardcore-leaning post-punk that sounds like a mix between a lost KBD artifact and an Eastern European post-punk unknown. This LP explores dystopic and nihilistic themes both lyrically and musically packaged in no-brainer high energy punk. Pyrex delivers distorted, angular and heavily entwined bass and guitar hooks strengthened by linear, pummeling drums with raw, aggressive vocals. The trio have created an LP that is equally unchained and artful. "PYREX" is a wholly well-crafted, frenetic, dialed-in, oven-safe, microwavable, and collectable modern punk record with infinite playability.
    LP lim
  • 01. Shrike Hunt At The Portland Gun Club
    02. Assorted Promenades
    03. Lavender Flu - Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
    04. I Am Not Willing
    05. Dream Girl
    06. Alzabo
    07. The Other Within
    08. Sigint
    09. Gossard Breath


    Assorted Promenades

    [engl] We’ve been keeping this one under our hat for nearly two years. On the short list of people, I wanted to work with when the original Mind Meld concept was hatched was Chris Gunn (Lavender Flu/ Hunches). I reached out to the Lavender Flu crew at the time (2019) a few emails were exchanged, but it wasn’t till I moved to Portland in 2020 that this collaboration came to fruition. Sure, the original label idea was to work with people outside the genre or project they were known for but when one of my favorite bands ask me to put out a record, I wasn’t going to let something like self-imposed parameters get in the way. Besides it's not like Lavender Flu exist within tight borders and they completely fit the vibe I’m trying to cultivate here at Mind Meld. I eagerly said yes but asked if they would be cool with forgoing the usual pre-release rigamarole and let this record magically appear on release day. Well now here we are…. The new Lavender Flu EP, Assorted Promenades, was started at a point during the pandemic when the band had no practice space and limited options for getting together as a full band. They decided to record a single based around a Moby Grape cover (I am not willing) and spontaneously composed tracks built up on the tape machine. Realizing they had too much material, it morphed into a 12 inch at 45 RPM in the style of the early Flying Nun EPs. By this time they had a space to work in so another cover (Dream Girl by Oscar Mack) was recorded full band style to make a nice long 9 track EP “
    LP lim
  • 01. Abgesang
    02. Befehl
    03. Hanebüchen
    04. Nabelschau
    05. Am Ende
    06. Wir sind Guten
    07. Scheißreich
    08. Kinderschnitzel
    09. Panzer
    10. Die Armen
    11. Halblahm
    12. Tag Im Bett
    13. Innovation
    14. Mahlstrom
    15. Müde + Alt



    [engl] There's certainly that "crust" touch to this band, what with their leanings towards a driving tempo extremely reminiscent of "Victim Of A Bomb Raid" era ANTI-CIMEX and just a touch of a more serious side of SORE THROAT and faster/thrashier DISCLOSE...now you know something, another high quality crust /d-beat release. Comes with nice lyricsheet and is housed in an inside/ out 350 gr. Cover
  • 01. Submerged in Water
    02. Shooting Star
    03. Bluer Skies
    04. Life Plateau
    05. Fairytale
    06. Possible to Grow
    07. Brick Flowers
    08. Wrap it Up and Buy it
    09. Sediment
    10. Never’s Enough


    Shooting Star

    [engl] Starting in 2019, Fairytale have carved out a unique sound that is both ethereal and chaotic, beautiful and terrifying. This New York City band are back with their debut LP, Shooting Star. Wretched soaked guitars and a rhythm section that sounds like a horde of demons are blended together with dynamic vocals that meander between gruff and choral, at times reminding one of Tozibabe. We dare you not to have the disc on a loop as each listen reveals more and more layers.
    LP green
  • 01. Ella Está En Fiestas
    02. Bien Triste


    Bien Triste

    [engl] RATA NEGRA are back with two tracks of what at this point has become their trademark sound. A mixture of perfectly balanced vocal harmonies, bouncy punk, surf guitars and melancholic vibes which is highly addictive from the first note. A side Ella Está En Fiestas takes GIRLS AT OUR BEST and RIK AGNEW on a all night party that borrows a BAUHAUS title, while the hypnotic flip Bien Triste takes us in a downspiral trip emanating the spirit of GOLPES BAJOS, THE RONETTES and even late 70’s BOWIE.
  • 01. Tali
    02. Hasta
    03. Sia-Sia
    04. Gilas
    05. Sangkar
    06. Mana



    [engl] SIAL returns with 6 tracks of back-to-back pure hardcore assault. Repetitive riffs and unrelenting screams will have you under a spell and bound for a very dark place. This record takes influence from all their previous releases, holding true to the classic sound of raw punk and made it their own- just the way it's meant to be. Behind the harsh energy of SIAL lies a deep-rooted resistance towards a state system that only benefits the rich and the majority race. 'Sangkar' means 'Cage' in English- a place full of anxiety and violence. Home is Nowhere. No one is safe.
  • 01. Tu Ets Un Pank
    02. Tàrrega 91'
    03. Autoproclama De L'esclavitut Total
    04. Fill De La Merda

    TARREGA 91`

    Fill De La Merda

    [engl] “Fill De La Merda” is the debut of TÀRREGA 91’. Hailing from Tàrrega, a small town in Lleida, the band celebrates the antisocial riots that nearly burnt down the Town Hall in 1991 and ended with the arrest of 86 youths. Four tracks of radical punk that fill the void between Demo era HHH, MG15 Derecho a la Vida and ARROGANTA AGITATORER EP. The band regurgitate the sound of golden era Worldwide Hardcore Punk explosion, in the post DISCHARGE EPs days, but bring it up to date for the current depressing world. Angry, nasty anarchist tunes which could fit right in on Welcome to 1984, P.E.A.C.E. or any of the Attack Punk compilations.
  • 01. Ins Schwarze
    02. Too Little, Too Late
    03. Treibsand
    04. Brandmelder
    05. Stundenglas
    06. Geisternetz
    07. Vierunddreimaldiefünf
    08. Midnight Crisis
    09. Wir warten
    10. Herbstmanöver
    11. Hurra Hurra Dystopia
    12. Drahtseilakt
    13. Human Untergang
    14. Horde II
    15. Ein Tag im Grauen


    Die Gespenster und der Schnee

    Es hat sich viel getan im Hause duesenjaeger seit dem Erscheinen der letzten LP „Treibsand“. Die „20 Jahre duesenjaeger“ Feier ist zwar der Pandemie zum Opfer gefallen, doch sobald es möglich war wurde wieder geprobt, es wurden Pläne geschmiedet, Konzerte gespielt - und eine Platte aufgenommen. duesenjaeger lassen sich auf „Die Gespenster und der Schnee“ einerseits nicht abbringen von ihrem ureigenen Sound, der der Band nun seit über 20 Jahren zueigen ist, rau, druckvoll, melodisch und geprägt von Moll-Akkorden. Andererseits gibt es aber auch ungewohnte und ungehörte Elemente, die den Sound aufzubrechen scheinen. Gleich zu Anfang führt die Platte „Ins Schwarze“, einen Soundtrack zum Zweifeln, zum Ausbrechen oder In-sich-zurückziehen. Nach Hause kommen oder abhauen, das Beste hoffen oder schwarzsehen? Wenn das Intro in den zweiten Song „Too Little, Too Late“ führt, ist klar: das hier ist, worum es geht. Die schwere Melancholie, die Rastlosigkeit, ein diffuses sich ärgern über Dinge, die passieren, aber sich nicht mehr ändern lassen. Oder etwa doch? In 15 Songs und etwa 40 Minuten geht es auf und ab, unnützer Krempel wird endlich verbrannt, es wird nach vorne geschaut in dunklen Vorstädten, auch wenn es schwerfällt, es wird gegrübelt, gezetert und vieles auf den Punkt gebracht. Der Untergang der Menschheit wird an die Wand gemalt, Kriegszustände werden reflektiert und die erstaunliche allgemeine Ignoranz ebendiesen gegenüber, Beziehungen verarbeitet oder eben nicht, das Verharren in Lohnarbeit abgelehnt und sich gefragt, ob die eigene Dorfjugend wirklich so hätte sein müssen, wie sie war. Die Geister und Gespenster einer überwunden geglaubten Vergangenheit zeigen sich hier im Großen wie im Kleinen, die Kälte kriecht dabei noch in die dicksten Klamotten. Mit all dem umzugehen bleibt die Herausforderung, der es sich zu stellen gilt. Wir sind bereit.