• 01. Dans sa corde
    02. Cardiaque
    03. Danser un slow avec un flic
    04. Elle seule
    05. Dans un coin
    06. En 3 secondes
    07. Insomnie le temps d'une nuit



    [engl] It’s always kind of the same: the guy gets on stage – provided that there is one – looking like a lanky jackal, with a sweater or two on, and without notice he starts hitting on a jumble of cymbals stacked on tattered guitars, wedged between two ancient synths. After a few minutes, he ends up shirtless and everything disappears, crumbled and pulverized: the show, the music, the people around you, the stage – if there was one – and you find yourself in a hand-to-hand combat: the struggle of Man against the machine, the New Age of Metal, the big final crash. What matters then is not what this guy is doing, but the faith he’s putting in it. And what he puts in it is nothing less than his whole life, messily arranged in a large pile of hypnogenic patterns, primitive words, barking, anti-theft alarms, control losses, infernal nights. Then everyone’s free to pull the string that suits them in this huge panic – punk, indus, soundtrack to a urban crime film of the year 3000: as if being so harsh, fierce, and vital was not enough, Usé’s music also leaves you the choice – an incredible luxury at a time when anything’s spoon-shed to the point of having storytelling and opinions delivered turnkey, 100% validated and ready to consume. In fact, the music of Nicolas Belvalette (the man behind Usé, who can also be seen in Headwar, Les Morts Vont Bien, Sultan Solitude, Roberto Succo and about 125 other simultaneous projects) could have contented itself with live performance, where it seems to be reaching its full potential. In view of such firepower, what more could we expect from a record, other than an inevitable disappointment? Well, in fact it’s just the opposite: his first album Chien d’la casse had proven it, and Selflic definitely confirms it. Martial pianos, mongoloid harpsichords, rural techno, social horror: this new record contains all it takes to writhe, sweat, shudder, pant, stagger, pick yourself up, crawl, howl, faint, get up and pick yourself up again – in short, to have fun. We’ll spare you the truisms about “stepping out of his comfort zone”, about the “darkened atmosphere” or a “chiaroscuro self-portrait”: Selflic is a perfect digest of what Usé was, is, and will probably be for a long time: a terrific machine to crush time and bullshit, to invoke the essential precepts of fire and fury. And that’s all you need to know. The rest is just noise.
    EAN 3521381548549
    EAN 3521383448533
  • 01. Carl King - Out Of My Depth
    02. Bean & Loopy's Lot - A Stitch In Time
    03. Gamblers - Who Will Buy
    04. Morgan & The Mark 7 - I'm Gonna Turn My Life Around
    05. Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Whatcha Gonna Do
    06. Cherokees - Rejected
    07. Outer Limits - When The Work Is Thru'
    08. Blue Aces - Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
    09. Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Gonna Live Again
    10. John Lord - I Will Cry
    11. Wolves - Lust For Life
    12. Blue Aces - All I Want
    13. Trekkas - Please Go
    14. Sasperella - Come Inside
    15. Storytellers - Just A Friend
    16. Manchester's Playboys - And I Do Just What I Want


    Mod Meeting Vol. 5

  • 01. Ask Your Mama
    02. Evil Queen Of Diamonds
    03. Good Bye Little Baby
    04. Red Tape Blues
    05. A Little Bit Friday
    06. I Shouldn't Have Done
    07. Wooten Stomp
    08. Frenchmen Street Rag
    09. That's My Sugar
    10. I'll Never Come Back Home
    11. A Stroll With Mr. Roll
    12. The One That Is Always True
    13. Nagging Blues


    Red Tape

    EAN 4260072722330
  • 01. So geht die Geschichte (Moon Duo RMX)
    02. Guter Junge/ Böser Junge (Ensslin Research RMX)
    03. Wir sind sicher (Drangsal RMX)
    04. "Wir sind sicher (Mathias Schaffhäuser RMX)



    Gewalt Remixed: "So geht die Geschichte" (Moon Duo RMX), "Guter Junge/ Böser Junge" (Ensslin Research RMX), "Wir sind sicher" (Drangsal RMX) und "Wir sind sicher" (Mathias Schaffhäuser RMX)
  • 01. Geh Gegen Den Rhythmus
    02. Letzte Kraft Voraus
    03. Vinylbeton
    04. Geboren In Der BRD
    05. Am Letzten Donnerstag Im Mai
    06. Ein Jahr
    07. Schönheit Oder Mut
    08. Wir Kommen Wieder
    09. Comeback Im Dreck
    10. Kaiser Von Köln
    11. Jägerzaun
    12. Mister Fantastik
    13. Agentur
    14. Agenten
    15. Für Paul


    Letzte Kraft Voraus

    Das neue, kämpferische Album der legendären Kölner Indie-Punks. 15 Songs über die Möglichkeiten von Rebellion. Inklusive: Herzblut, Verzweiflung, gute Laune.
  • 01. Rule 17
    02. Personality Crisis
    03. Mass Confusion
    04. Pseudo Genocide
    05. Doubtful Season
    06. Broadcast Of Terror
    07. Nightmare So Quick
    08. Turned To Stone
    09. Hope And Wait
    10. Under The Surface
    11. One More Step
    12. Police Brutality
    13. Inside Operation
    14. Cracked Skulls And Law Reform
    15. Rats Eat Rats
    16. Can't You See?
    17. Texas Death Match
    18. Ward 7 West
    19. Pushbike Song
    20. Shattered
    21. 1988
    22. Chainsaw To Roses Part1
    23. Into The Void
    24. The Calm Before The Storm


    Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void

  • 01. Stort Huvud Litten Kropp
    02. Stora Ord
    03. Going Deep Under
    04. På Vinst Eller Förlust
    05. What's The Problem
    06. Det Finns Inga Gränser
    07. Broken Dreams
    08. I Lagens Namn
    09. Sakta Men Säkert
    10. Förlorad Vänskap


    Vi Ska Ga Till Botten Med Det Här

  • 01. I'm Laughing
    02. Looking For Red Lights
    03. Just One Mistake
    04. Too Many Lies
    05. Everyday
    06. Red Is The Blade
    07. Freak
    08. Disease
    09. Black
    10. Progress Where?
    11. Open Your Eyes
    12. Big Problems
    13. Nothing For You
    14. Deserve To Die
    15. Life Of Pain
    16. Blood Runs Red
    17. The Last Hour
    18. Right To Fight
    19. Do We Have A Future
    20. Degeneration
    21. Change
    22. Youth Today
    23. Mass Destuction
    24. Isn't it a pity
    25. New Anarchy
    26. Loves Not Enough
    27. Knife Attack


    Not Just Another Anthology

    [engl] The double LP discography from Adelaide's finest Punk/Hardcore contains all their recordings from 7" later on as 12" pressed, the "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP, and several tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape. The first LP includes the material from their "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP recorded in june 1985, the 12 tracks sounds like a bit catchy brit punk style. The 2nd LP has the tracks from the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape which is recorded in 1983, the songs from the "Intoxicated" 7" EP recorded in 1984 and first time the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape recorded in '83 on vinyl. This Discography contains also the tracks from their split LP with Vicious Circle which comes out for their US tour in 1985. The tracks from the split LP are marked. The double LP contains a 16 page full color booklet with massive picture, lyrics posters and liner notes. The first pressing comes in transparent yellow vinyl!!
  • 01. Maniacs - Revenge Of The Creature
    02. Maniacs - Violence
    03. Maniacs - What Can We Do
    04. Maniacs - Hardcore Punk
    05. Maniacs - Follow No False God
    06. Maniacs - Execution
    07. Maniacs - Grenada Today
    08. Maniacs - Brave Men
    09. Maniacs - Victim Of The Night
    10. Tin Can Army - Guten Morgen BRD
    11. Tin Can Army - Freedom
    12. Tin Can Army - Nothing Remains
    13. Tin Can Army - Yellow Lights
    14. Tin Can Army - Innocent Prostitutes
    15. Tin Can Army - Cop Of The World
    16. Tin Can Army - Jesus
    17. Tin Can Army - Rock'n Roll Is Dead
    18. Tin Can Army - White X Mas
    19. Tin Can Army - Underdogs



  • 01. Drug Song
    02. Free Indeed
    03. I Have Seen Him
    04. Mother
    05. Morning Sun
    06. Prayer
    07. Lonely Faces
    08. Open Doors
    09. 666
    10. Waiting For The Rains
    11. Secret Forest
    12. Peace


    Ode to Quetzalcoatl (US Cover)

    [engl] Since its discovery in the late 90s, Dave Bixby’s legendary $2000 private press album from 1969 is considered by all serious record collectors as the king in the loner/downer folk genre. After being involved in 60s Michigan folk and garage–rock bands such as The Shillelaghs and Peter & The Prophets, Bixby started playing acoustic guitar and experimenting with LSD. After a year of drug abuse he felt broken. Starting a soul–searching, spiritual journey, he wrote "Ode to Quetzalcoatl" and most of the material for his second album, Harbinger’s "Second Coming" in just one month and a half. Assisted by fellow musician Brian MacInness, who played some guitar parts on the album, Dave recorded "Quetzalcoatl" using a echo–laden four track machine in a flat’s living room. The sound is lo–fi and sparse: just acoustic guitars and some occasional harmonica & flute, added to Bixby’s haunting, emotional vocals, spiritual lyrics and solid songwriting. The opening cut, the eerie and painful "Drug Song" sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album which contains more tormented titles like "666" , "Lonely faces", Open Doors", "Secret forest"...Never an acoustic folk album sounded so intense as this. Carefully remastered sound from vinyl (no master tapes exists) done at Shadoks Music Studios, insert with extensive and detailed liner notes by Matvei Procak – the guy who found Bixby in 2006 – plus some rare pictures.
    EAN 4040824088033
  • 01. Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez (Let The World Be Happy Again)
    02. Camino Equivocado (Wrong Way)
    03. No Me Presiones (Don’t Push Me)
    04. Canción Ritual (Ritual Song)


    Spanglish Movement

    [engl] First ever legit vinyl reissue of this obscure Cosmic Disco / Balearic / Afro gem from Mexico, originally released as a private pressing in 1978 and featuring famous drummer Jesús Muñoz "Tilico", a giant musician who appeared on countless recordings and accompanied famous figures like Paul Mauriat and Carl Tjader among many others. Four superb long tracks including the Cosmic underground club classic "Ritual Song". Hot Pepper was a studio project created by Mexican drummer / producer /arranger Jesús Muñoz "Tilico" who in the late 70s decided to record an album in a disco–funk vein, helped by some of his friends who were top session musicians. "Spanglish Movement" was the result, written and produced by "Tilico", released in 1978 as a tiny private edition housed in a fabulous Afro cover. Being "Tilico" an enormous drummer, you can expect here lots of heavy drums, congas and percussion, surrounded by crazy space synths, male–female vocals, Latin horns, Afro touches and occasional fuzz guitar.
    EAN 4040824088057
  • 01. Hello Kitty Knife
    02. Honey
    03. Black Magic
    04. Parasomnia
    05. Quiet
    06. Black Cat 13
    06. King Size
    07. Don't Push Me
    08. Cherry (That's Not Her Real Name)
    09. Skylight


    Gentle Leader

    L.A.'s DIY sunshine punk favorites um die ehemalige White Wires Schlagzeugerin sind zurück mit dem vierten Album. Die neuen Songs gehen weiter weg vom bisherigen Ramones-Einfluss und der frühen Garage-One-Women-Nummer und lassen zunehmend Inspirationen von Powerpop und 80s-90s feedbackridden Postpunk-Momenten zu. Quirrlig und catchy geht es aber allemal zu und stellenweise sorgt der Mean Jeans Drummer Andrew Bassett dabei für den passenden Beat. Erstmalig stammen die Songs übrigens nicht solo aus der Feder von Allie Hanlon sondern entstanden als gemeinsames Bandwriting.
  • 01. Don't Mess With Jessica
    02. Rock 'N Roll Or Run


    Don't Mess With Jessica

    Single Nummer zwei der zeitgleich releasten CF-Scheibletten auf denen je ein exklusives Original und ein exklusives Cover zu Gehör finden. Hier geht´s mit einem Ratschlag los ... "Don´t mess with Jessica" - wieder ein großartiger Refrain und fantastische m/f Gesangsparts!
  • 01. No Action
    02. I Can Only Dream


    No Action

    Die Control Freaks mit zwei zeitgleich releasten Singles auf denen je ein exklusives Original und ein exklusives Cover angeschossen kommen. Die erste Single (diese) beginnt mit dem Midtempo-Scorcher "No Action". Nach ein paar Sekunden findet man sich in den 90er Jahren wieder - sloppy, trashy Garagepunk mit simplen Refrain. Danach geht´s weiter mit der Control Freaks-Version des berühmtesten Protex-Songs " I can only dream". Hit after hit!
  • 01. Feel The Pain
    02. Heart Of Lead
    03. Nothing Is Important
    04. Let's Go To The Fair


    Feel The Pain

    Vier Mal verspielter, ehrlicher und elegant hooliganistic Rhythm'n'Blues-based Beatpunk der seine Inspiration bei Bo, Chuck, Link, Kink, Hoople und dem Titelstück entsprechend The Damned sucht und findet! Cooler primitivo-Shit, der auch Billy Childish Fans erfreuen wird.
  • 01. Big Pussy (Snitches In Ditches)
    02. ELH
    03. Lie Detector
    04. Neat Neat Neat



  • 01. Wild Turkey 101
    02. Fiasco



    [engl] Meet Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green, two nice girls who met at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, that's about an hour east from Nashville, Tennessee. They started a country duo that maybe not your usual slick production Nashville sound that gained mainstream popularity all over the world. Birdcloud is also not really something you can call Outlaw country although they play with elements like satire and tackle tough topics with a toungue-in-cheek kind of way. They've been featured in magazines like Rolling Stone and Vice, and because their music and appearance is not quite country but also not really punk, its kinda hard to define a genre that would fit to the explicit lyrics in their songs… wanna hear some of their songtitles from the double album called Singles Only, with they bare backs on the front sleeve? Here we go… “Fuck you Cop” “Saving myself for Jesus” “I like black guys” “Washin' my big ol' pussy” “I cant stand up (I'm fine)” Okay, I think you get the picture. We saw them late 2017 when they opened for New York Rockers DIRTY FENCES, and we were so blown away that we spent the rest of the evening humming their tunes whilst sipping whiskey at the bar… Now, here we are in the lucky position to present their new (and first!!!) real vinyl single, a classic two song 45 limited to only 500 copies. The band will have these up for sale at their merch both soon, when they travel through the bars and venues of Europe this July.
  • cover


    Server Room / This Time

    [engl] Debut single by this all star band from Berlin, Germany, with members of various garage/punk bands like Bikes, Primitive Hands, Modern Pets just to name a few. Recorded in November 2017, engineered by Toby Lill Hazelwood and mastered by Tim Warren. Two cuts that make you think of the Stones on a trip to Garageville, cool as ice rock and roll with moloko +.
  • 01. Get Off The Road
    02. Goodbye Beach
    03. Cheese Supreme
    04. Fashionably Late
    05. Bees 1
    06. Bees 2
    07. Na Skin
    08. Spewin’ McGregor
    09. Get Mum
    10. Responsibilities
    11. Wasted Goods
    12. Flash Photography
    13. TV Set
    14. Bab
    15. Crumple Zone


    An Beach

    [engl] ABORTED TORTOISE’s debut album, An Beach, is just about everything you’d hope for from a Western Australian punk record: 15 tracks, half-hour run time, lots of sun-struck goon-flecked thrashing and a salty scintilla of uncynical surf rock. ... With the lo-fi immediacy of The Sonics, the faux-dumbass sensibilities of the Ramones and the sly musical inventiveness of Dead Kennedys, Aborted Tortoise definitely recall a lot of crucial punk touchstones. Meanwhile I’m also reminded of Melbourne brat-boys Ausmuteants, and more specifically, ‘90s Perth band The Feends - bonkers treble-heavy riffing with post-Ventures noodling and snotty sandgroper vocals. Plus, tongues balanced delicately in cheeks.... Aborted Tortoise might make most sense in the live setting: the visceral impact of a band going ballistic is most logically received there-and-then, with the sweat beads landing in your eyeballs. But like that recent winning album from Boat Show, An Beach does a stellar job of bottling the mayhem. Take it home, uncork it, let it breathe and then scull it like the filthy little demon you are.
  • 01. Wish List
    02. Made Up Song
    03. Forecast
    04. Hunter in the Dark
    05. Knife Wallet
    06. Last Regret
    07. Vikki the Nurse
    08. Lick Toads
    09. White Business
    10. Dudes in Suites
    11. Dead in the Middle
    12. Acid W


    Change Your Life

    [engl] The Sueves blast forth with a blizzard of treble-soaked noise, and once Joe's spidery guitar, along with Rob's vicious bass lines, and Andy's shambolicly acute drumming really kick in together, they just explode, and they've clearly got that elusive “tension” so many bands just can't get right. We're extremely excited to get this debut 7' out into the world, so don't sleep on this raw and trashy debut single from one of Chicago's top bands, busting right out of the gate and right into your dreams and nightmares.
  • 01. Rock N Roll Friend
    02. Hard Time Karen
    03. It´s Gonna Hurt
    04. Burnin Honey
    05. Nowhere Close
    06. More Than This
    07. Rounding Up
    08. Little Rat Charm
    09. Is It Alright?
    10. Givin Up
    11. Let´s Stay Up All Night
    12. Empty Bottle



    [engl] In the bands short years so far PATSY'S RATS have been very productive when it comes to putting out singles on various labels all over this globe. You should of course track down all of them, collect them and play them when you are DJing at your favorite club, someone's birthday party or when you are day drunk on weekends. Singles are great! I know that – and you know that. But SINGLES COMPILATIONS are great too! Expecially if the singles have a constant high level like those released from PATSY'S RATS – and you don't have to stop dancing to flip the sides or put on another 45! “Rock n Roll Friend” and “Hard Time Karen” appear on their first record, released in summer 2016 on La-Ti-Da Records. “It’s Gonna Hurt” was intended to be on the single as well but there was not enough space on the vinyl... “Burning Honey” and “Nowhere Close” appear on the second single, which was released on Dig! Records in fall 2016. “Empty Bottle” and “Let's Stay Up All Night” were recorded in the same session and appeared on a limited square hand cut record released by Super Fan 99 Records. All above songs also appeared on a cassette on Burger Records. “More Than This” is a Roxy Music cover, it appeared on a digital only compilation on Super Fan 99 Records in summer 2017, it's a collection of covers that derive from Sofia Coppola films. “Rounding Up” and “Little Rat Charm” were released on Dirtnap Records, “It's Alright?” and “Givin' Up” were released on Wink and Spit Records, both in the summer of 2017. This is not only a collection of singles, this is infact a perfect powerpop album you’ve been waiting since the FASTBACKS and BUSY SIGNALS All songs written by Patsy Gelb and Christian Blunda.
  • 01. Aguichements
    02. L’Eau
    03. Délibérants
    04. Pleure Et Applaudit
    05. Humeur Incertaine
    06. Bateau Coulé
    07. Diligences Futiles
    08. Gai Savoir


    Expériences Musicales

    [engl] If ever a phonographic accomplishment could encapsulate the precise modus operandi of the Cacophonic label, then the Expériences Musicales sessions made by French born painter, sculptor, music maker, wine merchant and founder of the Art Brut movement, Jean Dubuffet would be a prime candidate. Originally released as an impossibly rare six record box set containing Dubuffet’s first long anticipated forays into sound sculpture and spontaneous artistic noise, these intimate early 1960’s recordings show a lesser-known side of this important artist’s personality and stand up as a vital document in both fields of contemporary art and experimental music. Finally released to a wider audience and presented complete with Dubuffet’s signature style artwork this abridged vinyl edition includes specific selections curated by the artist himself, in conjunction with experimental music pioneer Ilhan Mimaroglu, and showcase what the two leading lights of modern art consider to be the best moments of this historic session. On this limited vinyl pressing Dubuffet succeeds in translating his unique spontaneous creativity and active support of Low Art into musical forms, a process with which he would also collaborate in his dual compositions with Danish avant-gardener Asger Jorn (for a separate series called Musique Phénoménale). Utilising a wide range of orthodox acoustic instruments ranging from violin and open piano to duck whistles and not musical apparatus this set of eight pieces (culled from a potential twenty tracks made under the Expériences Musicales banner) sees the work of the artist approaching music from the perspective of “a man of 50000 years ago”. Recorded at Galleria del Cavallino in Venice Italy during the first months of 1961, these primary experiments with music followed over twenty years of Dubuffet developing his own unconventional artistic persona as an instantly recognisable pioneer of post-war artistic abstraction. His visual art alone, which would go on to inspire and genuinely motivate artists to feed on there rawest spontaneous instincts (hence the translation of Art Brut, meaning Raw Art), would also have huge influences on writers, performers and musicians (from punk to jazz) to this very day. It is surprising, however, how the fruits of Dubuffet’s short-lived anti-career as a non-musician have never fully filtered down to some of his greatest champions. From an original gallery promoted artifact (which can now command fees of up to 5000 euros complete with its original art-prints intact) this highlighted version of Expériences Musicales is now available again on authentic vinyl to the wider public. The recordings you will find within the grooves of this LP were created without any reference and in the artist own words “without any discipline, without anything that would present the artist from expressing himself freely and for his own good pleasure.” Almost sixty years have passed since this sonic objet d’art was first realised, and with all the technology and the advanced science-of-sound, decades of so-called experimental musicians are still struggling to find that Brut energy within their creative endeavours making this early example one of vital existence.
    EAN 5060099506925
  • 01. Abgemacht
    02. Ausgedacht
    03. Alarm
    04. Kein Licht
    05. Ansicht
    06. Modern
    07. Linie



    All Girl Post-Punk aus Berlin! Schön aufgemachte LP im 320 Gramm Cover und Bandphoto im separaten Umschlag! Die Welle großartiger, mitreißender Bands, die sich bei 80´s-New- und Cold-Wave bedienen, scheint nicht abzureißen. Aus aus Berlin erzeugen mit durchaus ruppiger Gitarre, abgehackt-unterkühltem Beat und melancholisch-tanzbaren Elektro-Klängen jene Dunkel-Disco-Atmosphäre, die Freunden von X-Mal-Deutschland, Joy Division, Bauhaus und in Ansätzen Nitzer Ebb bzw. Neubauten (die Drums) sehr gefallen dürfte. Die Stimme der Sängerin passt ausgezeichnet und die von Zweifeln geprägten deutschen Texte sind ebenfalls gelungen.
  • 01. Madfilth
    02. Nuclear In
    03. Gulp It
    04. Se
    05. Inquinamento
    06. Mad Strip
    07. Voglio Un Cugino
    08. Libertà
    09. Io Sono Voi



    [engl] From the pumping heart of The Magnetic System comes the “dirtiest” Da-Da-dancefloor anti-jams with this lost 1979 blueprint of Italian conceptual cosmic disco played by the cream of the Goblin studio band. Ultra rare and unscrubbed, Finders Keepers finally snip the trip from the cash machine to the trash machine. Pay dirt just got dirtier. Carving its own grubby niche as an early prototype of cosmic disco cum Italo space funk whilst simultaneously harbouring Dada hat stand satire with a junkshop glam aesthetic this ecological illogical political crab cabaret clearly broke the mould before way before the jelly had set. Fans of “other” obtuse outernational agit-camp might find a fantasy fusion between France’s J. P. Massiera and Sweden’s enviroMENTAL marvel Kaptain Zoom while trying to unravel the Madfilth tangle – but rest assured there were method men behind this madness and a portal to Italian funk royalty still festers at the bottom of the psych rap scrapheap. Originally drip fed out of Cesare Andrea Bixio’s Cinevox stable as one of a tight grip of non-soundtrack LPs, made to test the label’s commercial potential, Madfilth would follow the band Goblin (and their non-cinematic Roller) as well as the hens’ teeth eponymous long player by the group The Motowns in what was perhaps the last-ditch attempt at custom built popsploitation – combining the skills of overqualified composers with undercooked conceptual mind farts! Naturally, after almost 40 years in the barrel, this micro-brewed oddity finally quenches the acquired taste of a new breed of shambolic psychotropic guzzlers proving that 1979 was obviously good year for fool’s gold. The Madfilth medicine has finally come to cure your psychic ills so open wide and don’t bite the spoon. As both doctors and diggers will agree, always read the label. It is beneath the flamboyant rhythm rants and vari-speed osric slop of alt-comedic sarcy-satirist Alberto Macaro (a genetic beneficiary of a vaudevillian comic bloodline) that we find The Magnetic System maestros Franco Bixio and Vince Tempera as the sonic driving force behind this unmarked treasure trove of B-musical diamanté discoids. It will also come as little surprise that Cinevox/Dario Argento favourites Goblin were not too distant from the whiff of this curates egg with the men who many consider to be the group’s greatest assets in bass player Fabio Pignatelli alongside sports rock drummer Agostino Marangolo. It was this unison that remained consistent throughout Goblin’s career, weathering the temporary departure of Claudio Simonetti and maintaining the stylistic heartbeat of the group. Madfilth’s inclusion of Goblin synth Maverick Maurizio Guarini and the band’s mid-period guitarist Carlo Penessi (founder of the band Etna) pinpoints the jobbing Goblin session group during the time they recorded the soundtracks for the films Buio Amiga and Squadra Antigagsters. This lesser celebrated late 70’s era also witnessed the mutating Goblin rhythm section providing discoid backbeats for records such as Giorgio Farinas Discocross LP, Simonetti’s own Capricorn alter-ego and the homoerotic nightclub spin-off Easy Going – all of which, alongside Madfilth, provide a strong mutual stylistic support system for their claim to cosmic discos deep red bloodline.