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  • 01. [sic!]
    02. Younity
    03. Venice Imprint
    04. Dougie Jones
    05. Trespass
    06. Neal
    07. Great Headache
    08. Salad Boys


    Excessive Demand

    [engl] VILLAGES has achieved a rare feat. The second LP of the indie/postpunk trio “Excessive Demand” actually succeeds in creating an absolutely catchy, captivating sound from complex components. Unusual drum grooves drive the eight songs forward, while analog synthesizers and reverberated guitars add layer upon layer – the electronic coldness meets a warm bass sound and often fragile, multi-part vocals. VILLAGES blend diverse influences from synth- pop, indie/art rock and post-rock to create their original, detailed sound that reveals new facets with every listen. This reflects such diverse sources of inspiration as Battles, Trail of Dead, LCD Soundsystem, Deerhunter, Pttrns, Chad VanGaalen and many more. The album title “Excessive Demand” refers to energy-sucking everyday debates which overlay and destroy all utopian thoughts and efforts for a more ideal future. In their lyrics, the band critically deals with personal, but also social issues such as violence, mental health, privilege, outdated role models and self-dramatization.