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  • 01. Alone2
    02. 100 Black Holes
    03. Miles Away
    04. Dawning Day
    05. La Lune
    06. White Tiger
    07. Ton Nom
    08. The Way To Go
    09. Kill Me Now 10. No Return


    No Return

    [engl] """The first time I visited their house (some artist space dump), V showed me some of their music. What I first expected to be a random demo, was a discography of over ten full albums. We listened to one after another, each filled with incredible melodies, beats and lyrics about genuine love, pain and hate. With no time for showers, teeth-brushing or keeping a tidy room, V is one of the most productive musicians I’ve ever met.” - David Hantelius (Cuntroaches, Urin) - V’s long-time friend and former bandmate in Batalj and Transylvania. Despite being Hellbent on becoming the popstar that they are, V (perhaps to our good-fortune) was coerced into the punk domain. V’s music is dark, raw and uncomplicated. In 2012, V collaborated with Adrienne Teicher (Tusk, HYENAZ) and together they transformed V’s early demos into an ornate electronic, goth and darkwave infused production, with added beats and radiant arrangements. Our Berlin-based foundation - Le Petit Signal - is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of V’s demos with a baby blue cover, the third in a undeclared series of primary color pressings. LPS is honored to release this honest, pure, festive and minimal triumph from our dear friend and adored artist V, which we have entitled ‘No Return.’
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