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  • 01. Hollowed We Follow
    02. Night Fell
    03. Hopelessly In Love
    04. Don't Shoot Me
    05. God Damn Devil
    06. Is My Love Safe Inside You?
    07. Where Are My People
    08. Remove And Replace
    09. Our Love Will Survive


    Hung Like God

    [engl] A marriage made in Hell- THRALL has joined forces with the oh-so-evil Reptilian Records for what turns out to be one of the heavier slabs of mind twisting genius to come out of the noise closet in some time. Mike Hard, vocalist of the long gone sultans of strange The God Bullies, shows no signs of restraint- and the aggravated wall of rock that provides his musical backdrop ain’t too shabby neither! Delving into the dark pit of disturbed religious and conspiratorial tales that Hard has become famous for, THRALL’s new platter is a slice of delicious hate, tuned to the key of FUCK. Here are a few quotes to coax your wallet- “A marriage of heavy music, heavy drugs, and social commentary”- Bam “Madness coupled with disease, rage melded with fear, the grotesque intertwining of power and paranioa, Thrall create the soundtrackof the apocalypse”- Chicago Reader “...Hard growls and moans like his gut’s on fire, while the band’s guitarists rage away like the black plague” - Baltimore Weekly (Critic’s Choice) Doesn’t that just get your juicy little goat?!? THRALL’s sound is rooted in the same splurge and hiss that turned out some of the midwest’s finest underground action, including Killdozer, the Jesus Lizard, The Cows, and of course The God Bullies. The sound is tighter this time around, but by no means tamed. Chug down your favorite malted beverage, chew on a few of those adult vitamins, and give this little monster a ride in your stereo! “God Damn Devil” is right!
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