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  • 01. Mr Hidden
    02. Don't Belong
    03. Love is all You Need
    04. Silkscreen
    05. My Body
    06. She Took a Man
    07. My Kind of Elevator Music
    08. Friskoman
    09. Man of the Mansion
    10. Green and Handsome
    11. Think About a Tree
    12. Like the Name of a Thing
    13. Somewhere to Hide


    Green And Handsome

    [engl] Tuff Guac is Rafael Valles Hilario's (MOAR, Brorlab, The Jagged Frequency, Belly Button records) solo project. This record contains 13 catchy garage cowboy pop tunes. All music was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Rafael at Tooth Mountain studio late 2018 - early 2019. Most songs come from quick bedroom recordings made in the morning when I had a low crunchy voice. The belly button cassette "At The Office" was the precursor of this project. I think this is the most spontaneous music I can produce for the moment as it's not made with any goals or expectations from me or somebody else. Maybe the next record will be something totally different! We'll see, it was just a shitload of fun making these noises and I hope you enjoy them to! Send a message to if you have questions, want so say hi or if you made real good guacamole and you don't like instagram for posting food bullshit.
  • 01. Swanky Love
    02. Pretty Bitchin'
    03. Mr Fear
    04. Thrift Store
    05. I'm Not a Man
    06. Sweet Suckemaholic
    07. Trucker Girl
    08. All I Want Is to Lay Down
    09. Wake Up
    10. Terry's Rubber
    11. Naked Gun
    12. My head Is Like a Cloud


    Swanky Love

    [engl] Swanky Love is the second Tuff Guac album and brings you another dose of fuzzed up garage pop tunes! This time with a more soulful spaghetti western feel than precursor Green And Handsome from 2020 but with the same level of catchy songwriting and wonky guitar moves. From heavy funk to blown-out fuzz sandwiches back to reverb drenched dreampop and beyond. Swanky Love has you covered! It's a solo recording project so all songs and instruments were written, played, recorded and mixed in Antwerp by Rafael Valles Hilario in Antwerp, Belgium at Tooth Mountain studio. "Like somebody smashed all your favorite thrift store records with a hammer and glued them back together as 1 lp" Ronny Rex