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    One Less Heartless To Fear

    [engl] Shipping News “One Less Heartless To Fear” is the band’s first new full length album since “Flies The Fields” (2005) and a helluva lot has happened over the last five years. Two weddings, fatherhood, serious illness, a presidential election, multiple wars, city moves... these things have inspired the band to make their most rowdy, aggressive and adolescent album to date. Shipping News has jettisoned the long songs (and glacial tempos) of the past and is concentrating on energetic blasts of noisy rock (with a little gallows humor thrown in). While slipping into a slightly more sympathetic mood once or twice, the new songs are stripped down and pretty much nasty. Working for the first time with the kind folks at AfricanTape and Ruminance, this album marks the 14th year of the band’s existence. “One Less Heartless To Fear” features seven brand new songs and two “oldies” recorded live on a digital multitrack system at the all-ages venue Skull Alley (Louisville) and The O-Nest (Tokyo). Not only is this a must for fans of any the band member's former outfits: Rodan, June Of 44, Slint and Rachel's, but also it's a must hear for anyone into Jesus LIzard,Shellac,Sonic Youth,Fugazi and Mission Of Burma. Superb!