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  • 01. Let Go
    02. Bullseye
    03. Rollercoast The Holocaust
    04. Dying To Live
    05. Landmine
    06. How To Fall In Love
    07. The Race
    08. Smile
    09. Vice
    10. This Might Be The Last Time You'll Ever Hear From Me


    This Might Be The Last Time You'll Ever Hear From Me

    [engl] For those about to rock, the Metz-based quartet TWIN PRICKS (featuring former DEAD FOR A MINUTE and HYACINTH members) unleashes an indie rock bomb as well as a love declaration to the music made in Washington DC during the 80’s and 90’s. ?Stick together. Like glue. They met in high school, when they were young pricks. Eventhough they’re older now, they still are. Pricks. That’s what define them. Two talented wankers not giving a shit about what people think of them or their music. That’s what it ever was, that’s what it’ll always be. Their personal take on pop and indie music doesn’t need to be branded. It is as DC-esque (ie RITES OF SPRING meets RETISONIC) as it is midwestern emoish (the Caulfield scene with a GET UP KIDS twist). And it feels like they’re ready to push the boundaries of their very own defined universe, now expanding and exploring new territories, going from a wild afro beat to an icy r’n’b melody, all at the same time.