• LP/CD 2007
    In the Red

    MARK SULTAN - »The Sultanic Verses«

  • LP/CD 2005

    BBQ - »Tie Your Noose«

  • LP 180gr 2003
    Sounds of Subterrania
    SOS 042

    --> LP 10,00 EUR

    BBQ - »The complete recordings vol.1«

    01. Threw my girl a party
    02. What it’s all about
    03. European Girls
    04. 3 days
    05. I’m the one
    06. I wanna be the only one
    07. Hang on
    08. Deborah Lee
    09. It’s a shame
    10. I said
    11. Lock up my heart
    12. How High

    To call BBQ just a one-man band would be like calling his influences just rock’n roll. BBQ is the perfect mix of the most primitive blues, rock’n roll, R&B, and rockabilly sounds lightly assaulted with garage, soul and a punk aesthetic. BBQ, the one-man band, is actually ‘Mark’, ex-singer of the legendary Spaceshits and singer/drummer for the world-renown Sexareenos.

  • 7" 2003
    Goodbye Boozy

    BBQ - »I´m the One«

  • CD 2003
    Alien Snatch

    --> CD 12,00 EUR

    BBQ - »s/t«