• 01. Tonybee idea
    02. Sonríes Alegre
    03. Futuro terror
    04. Ectoplasma
    05. Paralisis Del Sueño
    06. Salir De Aquí
    07. La sospecha
    08. Afiliado
    09. Sabes Por Qué
    10. Sólo Por Dentro
    11. Tres forques
    12. Burguesía Records
    13. Es Así


    Su Nombre Real es Otro

    [engl] Futuro Terror joins the renowned label BCore for the release of their second album, what the British call the “sophomore album”, a more than amazing sequel of their superb and powerful debut with which the Alicante born outfit set the standards high even for themselves, but it has only managed to spur the always worthy trio, who seem to have found that rare master formula so many crave for, a formula that combines quality, good work and an outstand- ing capacity for creating songs that enchant, seduce and create, an almost instant addiction. “Su Nombre Real es Otro”, is the hieroglyphic title chosen for this collection of 13 songs. The band knew from the start that, without losing the concen- trated and well found recipe that has taken them down the right path from the beginning, they had to take step further, using the main ingredients that they have always exquisitely mixed with their particular skill of precise combina- tions and creating in consequence a unique and contagious style, based one half, on fast paced rhythms that take them to create short and straight-for- ward songs (nothing is lacking or in excess), and on the other half, a persis- tent melodic base that they easily blend in, despite the energy and blunt res- olution of all their songs. On this occasion they wanted (and successfully managed) to be even more straight forward, more precise, more raw, they wanted to go straight to the point, they wanted to keep that empowering attitude and punk aptitude, even though this album is more pop than ever. They have created songs that are knockdowns and at the same time approachable and brilliant. They new they had to feel at home to do so and so the album has yet again been recorded at Miradoor Studios (Alhama de Murcia) with Marcos Velasco, the perfect place for the songs to find their natural habitat and be recorded live, all at once, so they could capture the rawness straight on vinyl, without hiding behind the noise and emphasising the melody. The cover design is by Adrian Bago. Using the bands impressive name and the peculiar album title, he has created a fantastic story that creates the exact effect the band wanted, something that goes further than just unsub- stantial image. This album has been thought through in detail, proving that Futuro Terror are more than ever, and in record time, one of the most impor- tant and powerful bands from the always well tuned east coast of Spain.
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