• 01. The Blackleg Miner
    02. Little Roving Sailor
    03. Mariner Blues
    04. The Black Cap
    05. An Suisin Ban (The White Blanket)
    06. Medley: The Rose Tree / The Chanter's Song / Humours Of Whiskey
    07. Blackberry Bush / Blackberry Blossom
    08. Whistling Jigs To The Moon (The Dancing Master's Reel) - 09. The Brisk Young Widow (Sheffield Hornpipe)
    10. Seafarer
    11. Shepherd O Shepherd / Linnen Hall
    12. The Green Cockade
    13. Four Drunken Maidens (Rolling In The High Grass)
    14. Episodes


    Whistling Jigs To The Moon

    [engl] Originally released in South Africa in 1978, “Whistling Jigs To The Moon” is not only a very rare and sought-after album but also a wonderful collection of traditional and original folk tunes with a strong Celtic influence. Featuring Alison O’ Donnell and David Williams from psych-folk legends MELLOW CANDLE. In 1974, following the break-up of Mellow Candle, Alison and David arrived to South Africa. Once there, they met a couple of fellow expat musicians, Barrie Glenn and Jo Dudding, forming Flibbertigibbet in a niche folk and traditional circle of immigrant and local musicians, building up a repertoire of tunes and songs both original and traditional. They appeared at evenings held in communal houses, at folk nights and the Boksburg Folk Club. Producer David Marks offered to release their album and launch it in a series of concerts at the renowned Market Theatre. They enlisted the help of a number of fine musicians on the recording, namely classical first violinist Francesco Cignoli, jazz bassist Denis Lalouette, Nippy Cripwell on string bass, Colin Shapiro on flute and Dave Lambert on fiddle. “Whistling Jigs To The Moon” saw the light in 1978.
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