• 01. It’s The Same All Over The World
    02. Oh No!
    03. Changing All The Times In My Life (demo)
    04. Go Ahead (demo)
    05. Just Like Me (demo)
    06. Lookin’ In Your Eyes (demo)
    07. Farmer John (demo)
    08. I Fought The Law (demo)
    09. The Original
    10. I Can’t Do It
    11. It’s The Same All Over The World
    12. Walkin’
    13. We Can Try
    14. Gloria
    15. Go Ahead (live)
    16. She’s Going Home (live)


    Going all the way with the Squires

    [engl] Fully remastered and with EIGHT MORE unissued cuts, tons more liner notes and COLOR PHOTOS of these Connecticut garage gods!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE plus THICK color INNER-SLEEVE! Additional notes by MIKE MARKESICH, NED CAREY and producer TOM ZAGRYN! 16 tracks of garage/folk-punk GENIUS plus a BONUS 7” with 2 more tracks!
    LP + 7''

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    Beach bums must die

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    Fuck me stupid

    [engl] Their last LP. 12 cuts, including covers of GG ALLIN' s "I Need Adventure", LITTLE RICHARD's late-60s soul-grinder "Baby Don' t You Tear My Clothes", JODIE FOSTERS ARMY' s surf-instro
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    Teenage shutdown - she'll hurt you in the end

    [engl] The "Teen Rocker" follow-up to "You Treated Me Bad" (TS-6605); Raw, inept, young-vocaled teen garage rocker oomph!
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    Get more Action!!

    [engl] Yasss.... the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt album sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after disappearing for 19 years! LP is 17 originals in a GATEFOLD beaut w/l
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    Back from the grave Vol 08

    [engl] Remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a swank gatefold sleeve!
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    Back from the grave Vol 01

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