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    When The Bombs Drop … 1982-86

    [engl] Over 70 Minutes raw Hardcorepunk the way it was in the early 80s. The discography from "German ultra-hardcore band SCAPEGOATS. The CD contains material from the complete bandperiod, like the unreleased "Marbostel Demo", Rehearsals from 82 until 86, plus material from the "Last Attack" and "Pogo Lebt" Sessions, a live show and the ultrarare Kuolema Session from 83. All together 40 tracks of old school hardcore from the early '80s Scapegoats were well known worldwide from many compilation tapes, their "Kopflos" EP released in 85´and from the great german LP compilation "Let's have more Fun" back then. SCAPEGOATS the german answer to KAAOS, RATTUS, SVART FRAMTID, CRUDE SS and MOB 47. The 6 panel Digipac CD comes with a 8 sided booklet. You will get massive information around the band, rare pictures, timeline from the band and 77 minutes of OLD SCHOOL GERMAN HARDCORE PUNK. NO GOD NO reMASTER!!

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    Pogo lebt Immer noch !!!!

    [engl] Second pressing limited to 200 copies in light blue Vinyl "German ultra-hardcore band from the early 80´s who released 2 killer demo tapes "Pogo Lebt" (1983) and "Last Attack" (1984) and the "Kopflos

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    The LP's 1989- 1993

    [engl] Re-release on CD of their 3 first LPs, the split with Lunatic Invasion, Averno and "Suppose it was you"... Essential pieces of grind noise!!! I can confess that the early Agathocles recordings are my
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    Vlad Smash !

    [engl] „VLAD SMASH!“ –stands for EIGHT SONGS IN 13 MINUTES (plus an outro) VLADIMIR HARKONNEN were right into the process of doing songwriting for the next record, THE GREEN ALBUM, when suddenly a wil
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    Lead Us To War

    [engl] During the existence of F.U.B.A.R. (more than ten years) I heard them several times, both on CD and live. Despite the anger and energy it wasn’t really my band due to the fact it was just full throt
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    El dia después al fin de la humanidad

    [engl] It seems like grind bands are a dime a dozen these day, and a lot of them sound alike or are just plain mediocre. Out of all the grindcore bands that I've heard lately, Nashgul definitely stands o
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    Undead A Tribute To Disrupt

    [engl] Undead - A Tribute To Disrupt We are proud to announce that the DISRUPT tribute LP/ CD is finally complete after three years of preparation. The double CD version contains 59 bands with 9 exclusive tr
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    [engl] The RECORD STORE EDITION is Limited to 200 copies in compact brown vinyl!!!!!! Back to 1994! Right at the 20th anniversary Power It Up will re-release Haemorrhage's first recording "Obnoxious" .
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