• 01. Riddle Lately
    02. Food Swamp
    03. Fall Of Man
    04. Velvet Peach
    05. Chemical Balance
    06. Carry The Weight
    07. Dance Of The Saami
    08. Cathin' Frogs
    09. Burrito Job
    10. I'm Just Your Punk
    11. Life Of Chaos
    12. Walk On Glass
    13. Suction Cup Hands
    14. Help Is Here Pt. 1
    15. Help Is Here Pt. 2


    Music From The Other Side Of The Swamp

    [engl] We're kicking things off with an album from TIMMY VULGAR'S GENETIC ARMADGEDDON. Vulgar (Human Eye/Clone Defects/Timmy's Organism mastermind) wrote, recorded and played all the instruments on “Music From The Other Side Of The Swamp”, a 15 song exploration into the deepest crevices of his chromed cranium. An acutely personal and raw album showcasing elements of his previous projects while adding some new motifs to his arsenal. Psychedelic crooners, kraut influenced instrumentals, and guitar heavy rockers all processed through Timmy’s patented caveman via space alien filter. The tracks flow in and out of each other, covered in broken synthesizers and feedback, creating a lurching, breathing, late night masterpiece. This is not the kind of album one casually listens to. This requires complete submergence. It’s exactly what we had in mind when we came up with MIND MELD and he’s setting a high-water mark right from the get go. Turn down the lights, turn on, and turn up your stereo because it’s time to meld minds with Timmy Vulgar.

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    [engl] Following up TIMMY VULGAR and QUINTRON with a MIND MELD threefer. The collective brains of GREG KING, RYAN BELL, and JOSH FEIGERT gives us GLITTERING INSECTS. An Atlanta "Ego Summit" written and recor
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    Assorted Promenades

    [engl] We’ve been keeping this one under our hat for nearly two years. On the short list of people, I wanted to work with when the original Mind Meld concept was hatched was Chris Gunn (Lavender Flu/ Hunch
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