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    Early Surgeon
    Gale Maze


    Gale Maze

    [engl] “Blow-out enthusiasts, make ready to scarf this down without chewing How many licks does it take to get to the spider egg in the center of this sugar bomb? You got the jitters, and dude, there’s blood on your shirt. I like gore with my goth. “hey, you got your pop sensibilities on my explosion!” Strong vocals a la Modern English, back-beat complete and foamy bass bleached onto 1/2” tape specially for Castle-Face. 7 head strong tunes to clatter your phonograph needle. I’ve always loved Matt Jones’ vocal stylings (ex-blasted canyons), rich with tenor muscle flexes. Over the top in its endeavors and reaching, always reaching. Primal gas-guzzler drumming center speaker from Adam sets the ear up for a beating And hell, its got the old (and I mean old) bass player, Mark, from the Mayyors…solid state aggression at its mid-low knuckle-dragging finest. A slap in the brain done up nicely here on wax. Enjoy” - John Dwyer All vinyl comes with a download card.

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