• 01. Samba De La Power
    02. Sternzeichen Esel
    03. Mein Film
    04. Selbst Ist Der Mann
    05. Gift
    06. Leben Im Schlagschatten
    07. Angepisst
    08. Rotwein, Käse, Actionpower
    09. Reclaim Your Scheiss Leben
    10. PMA
    11. Profilneurose
    12. Bunter Vogel
    13. One Man Unity
    14. Do And Die
    15. Richtfest
    16. Ich Rave


    Holzweg To Hell

    [engl] Holzweg To Hell" by ACTIONPOWER is strongly rooted in the hardcore of the 1990s. Hardcore with a lot of punk attitude. Political, critical against everything and everyone including themselves and their own scene. Always with the necessary pinch of self-irony. Brutal and straight to the face. ACTIONPOWER bring with their Opus-Grande, an anit-manifesto and a concept album like a motivational seminar for slackers, hangers and amok runners to the starting line. Music for all who like a clear edge. Musically as well as in content. Nothing for jerks and hobby thinkers. The five over-40s from Koblenz make no secret of their roots. After all, they come from the same shithole as Hammerhead, WWK and Toxoplasma. And you can tell. Straight from the schizophrenic no man's land between optimism and pessimism. Straight, fast and sometimes groovy. Music for people who like to do action and let their power run free. Good for skating. 16 attacks in 32 minutes. A hardcore bulldozer with heart, soul and residual sense. Nicely peppered with samples and a 16 page booklet brimful of liner notes. The gatefold cover also serves well as a shroud for a sick society. Massively crunchy neckbreaker sound produced in the Soundlodge by Jörg Uken and Karl Lauer. Sublime above the modern Zeitgeist and filth of the present. "Hardcore record of the year" according to Moses from ZAP zine!
    LP lim
    LP red

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    [engl] "Split single of the two bands from which then emerged ACTIONPOWER. Both bands with 3 songs each from 2005. Rough, direct, aggressive and pissed. 14 minutes of continuous inferno!
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