• 01. Drying Out
    02. Bleak Future
    03. Parasite
    04. Shoot To Kill
    05. Electric Shock
    06. Idle Hands
    07. Death Rattle
    08. Collapse


    Devoid Of Light

    [engl] Following up a demo as raging as Lexicon's was is a tough thing to do for most but holy shit Devoid Of Light powerstomps that thing to radioactive dust! KJ's deathly anger/despair ridden vocals are some of the most intense in modern history. The USHC infused noise-crust riffs fit perfectly into a tensely driven percussion grenade of anxious drums and bleary, life-questioning rage. Do we need to say "explosive"? Because that is exactly what the hell it is. Get fucked up, turn the fuzz to 11 and get as strong as humanly possible. Life can be a real piece of shit sometimes, let this be the soundtrack when it is. 400 copies on black and 200 copies on "Rainier" yellow 140gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert, giant poster and download card included.
    LP orange

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