• 01. Quvertuere
    02. No Sorry
    03. Ym
    04. Shitty Friends
    05. Losin' My Head
    06. Eyeliner
    07. Hide
    08. Always Depressed
    09. Can't You See


    Goods for Conversation

    [engl] What blend of music we like most? GARAGE PUNK! What we dig too in summer while sippin' on Mai Tais? SURF! Why isn't there a group of teenage ne'er-do-wells who can combine these two genres to entertain us and hundreds of other trash loving individuals? THERE IS!!! Oh yes, three very active scenesters who play in maybe 10 other bands as well gave it a shot, and here is a record they cut under the strange moniker SALAMIRECORDER & THE HI-FI PHONOS. I did not ask them about the reason or meaning of this band name. I supposed i won't get any enlightning answers anyway. But well! Here it is! A record full of fresh trashy garage surf punk music with a truckload of reverb and echoes, and cryptic song titles. No mere nostalgia mongers, SALAMIRECORDER & THE HI-FI PHONOS sound old and new at the same time, the songs are sometimes harsh and loud but still contain enough melody to turn every live show into a wylde dance party!

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    [engl] The Tours were an English new wave/power pop band from Poole, Dorset, founded in the late 70's during the punk era. The band consisted of Richard Mazda, Ronnie Mayor, Steve Jeff and Mark Spiers. T
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    If you want me

    [engl] Indian Wars is a 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of two brothers (John and Dave) and their long time friends (Fraser and Brad). They started playing tunes three years
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    [engl] Richmond, Virginia’s The Ar-Kaics play a nai?ve brand of punk music in the tradition of American Teen Beat and amateur garage circa 1965 – or '66, at the latest. Ask a band member, however, an

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    [engl] Rising like the phoenix from the ashes of the first version of the band; The Haskels served up heavy doses of three minute, adrenaline-fueled hard punk pop, as evidenced on the highly sought after, Ki
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    No Action

    Die Control Freaks mit zwei zeitgleich releasten Singles auf denen je ein exklusives Original und ein exklusives Cover angeschossen kommen. Die erste Single (diese) beginnt mit dem Midtempo-Scorcher "
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    Im Zentrum Der Macht

    [engl] PROGROMO was a short lived brain child of Bernd Zimmermann, the mastermind of bands like ADD, DEUTSCHDENCK and maybe most prominent ISOLIERBAND. Zimmermann recorded a bunch of tracks in 1982 at Joswig
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