• 01. Power Of My Voice
    02. Law Of The Men
    03. Determination
    04. Sick Of Freaks
    05. Mutant
    06. Strike Back
    07. Stroke The Iguana
    08. Intro
    09. Sick Of Freaks
    10. What It Means
    11. View
    12. Out The Water
    13. Moment Of Love
    14. Mutant
    15. Shouldn't We Be Angry
    16. Strike Back


    Tamped Concrete / Walkin' Through

    [engl] 7INCH BOOTS were part of the emerging and extremely diverse hardcore community of the late eighties. Mixing the harsh yet straight forward sound of bands such as Hard Stance or Headfirst with a fine pinch of Power Metal a la Nasty Savage and a bootful of Kiss the band addressed tops such asclimate change, racism, right wing propaganda, and sexual abuse in their lyrics. The 12“ platter compiles their 1989 ‘Walkin’ Through’-Demo as well as the ‘Tamped Concrete’ 7” from 1990 and comes with an 8-page booklet with liner notes, tons of photos, flyers, some hilarious cartoons by guitarist Morten and an additional sticker.

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