• 01. The Devil
    02. Freedom For A Promise
    03. War-Torn Wasteland
    04. Wretched Woodland
    05. Wedding Dance Macabre
    06. A Mute Reunion
    07. The Devil Fits - God In His Youth
    08. Through The Door - Theador
    09. Your Father Is Dead Young Lord (Be Cursed)
    10. Broken Boudoir
    11. Theador And The Rifles
    12. The Bordel
    13. Mother
    14. Daughter Of The Sin
    15. Zakonnica
    16. Rope Him To The Horse
    17. Around You Is A Void Circle Save For The Stinking Corpses
    18. Understand Nothing
    19. No Blackberries In Winter
    20. Cancel The Evil Gently
    21. Mother Snake
    22. The Fiery Sword
    23. The Duel
    24. Not The Horse
    25. The Quill - What’s Not Written Does Not Exist
    26. The World Is Beautiful (Climb The Tree)
    27. Theador Go Back To God
    28. The Black Dog



    [engl] Wipe your blade clean. The bloodline of Eastern European kosmische and groundbreaking, grinding cinematic psych rock finally emerges from fifty years of forbidden forestland to fill your thirsty grails. Poland’s prime progressive provocateurs Zulawski and Korzynski finally expose the jagged roots of Possession and The Silver Globe and give the devil his due via this historical vinyl release. If an opening strapline that reads “Forget everything that you thought you knew about the history of psychedelic rock and horror movies” appeals to you, then further potentially hyperbolic phrases like “Lost Grail” and “Banned Forever” will surely clinch the deal, leaving the hugely significant wider context of this dream come true release surplus to requirement. But as we hope you have come to expect from Finders Keepers releases “The devil is in the detail” and the fact that any mention of the perpetually elusive original master tapes to a 1972 project entitled Diabe? and the phrase “Holy Grail” have become synonymously associated only adds the twisted irony that surrounds this genuine masterpiece of both aforementioned fields. For those fastidious enough to pursue the hunt, these unearthed recordings represent the crowning glory of the lifelong unison of Maestro Andrzej Zulawski and filmmaker Andrzej Korzynski, two genuine mavericks of Polish experimental cinema who challenged artistic and societal norms, on both sides of a politically restricted regime and on an international artistic stage, without compromise. Friends since childhood, Korzy?ski and ?u?awski may have become divided by limelight and geography (?u?awski the intrepid emigre), but they remained united in their kaleidoscopic creative vision, resulting in a fractured stream of troublesome and mind-bending golden era collaborations such as Possession, The Silver Globe, and Third Part Of The Night. This long-awaited liberation of the psychedelic masterpiece known as Diabe? finally completes the duo’s full vista with what many consider the most vital piece of the prism.

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