• 01. IRLIR
    02. Social Maverick
    03. Overpunk
    04. Groinaroma
    05. Glaswegian Kissing Contest Semifinals
    06. W.Drawall$
    07. RMMR
    08. Blue Plague



    [engl] La Glissierre is Chris Breit (White Drugs, Banos y Banos, Hoaries) and a group of choice collaborators. But the heavy lifting, both creatively and as a recording engineer, is all Breit. The band mutates from punk camouflaged as Pere-Ubu pop on wax; to manic emotionally-charged Blacktop-esque garage rock on stage. It is a band to see and hear in all forms. Autobaños, to me, is about songwriting and impulse; it’s both scenic and introspective; both noisy and riddled with catchy hooks. Bands like Red Mass, Lamps, and Tyvek all come to mind. And there’s some of the gloss of The Fresh & Onlys, Creative Adult and Purling Hiss invading tracks like Overpunk and Bluebonnet Plague. But none of these bands have the surl and humor that Chris’s vocals grind into each track. Nor do they contain his experimental approach to guitar. Think Ben Walkers (Country Teasers) in his most punk rock, yet socially acceptable, form. This album is a dark beast looming in the corner wearing sparkly shirts and riffing major highbrow dad jokes. Full disclosure, Chris is a dear friend of mine. And, when your friends present this kind of gift to the world, you kinda wish they weren’t your friends, so that your praise and admiration of their art can’t be confused with nicety. It’s a tremendous work of songwriting and my admiration of his abilities borders on jealousy. - Jeff Helland (White Drugs, Hoaries)

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