• 01. Waldweg
    02. Nur Aufregungen Für Rohn
    03. Hoffmanns Höllenfahrt
    04. Tote Vögel Singen Nicht
    05. Schock
    06. Ute Und Manuela
    07. Besuch Aus New York
    08. Der Fotograf
    09. Geheimnisse Einer Nacht
    10. Das Abschiedsgeschenk


    Aus Der Reihe Derrick

    [engl] And so it started with an astonishing conjuction of circumstances, a lockdown, an unspeakable passion for the « Inspektor Derrick » mixed with a long and precious love for the Korg MS10. The streets were empty and the page was still blank for Jonathan Lieffroy, overactive self-taught musician from France. He who had always played with his mates in bands such Last Night, Master Master Wait or Infecticide whas now facing his own self, his own desires, and on his own confession this thought was pretty appealing. The lack of time due to the velocity of modern life rarely allow this kind of opportunity, this lockdown was a blessing in disguise and after all, he had nothing to lose. An imaginary OST from a curious german TV program from the 70’s came out from his imagination. 10 instrumental songs of dark disco fulfilled with freakish synthetic noises and evocative beats from the last century. But it would have been too easy to stop there, life tooks up its course again and this weird musical object took life as Tempomat, a three piece live band. And as cherry on the black forest cake, the band will play as live cinema. « Aus der Reihe Derrick » TEMPOMAT debut LP will be out on October 2022, released by Viro Major Records and Les Disques Mauvais Garc?ons.

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