• 01. Party
    02. Ugly
    03. Born Angry
    04. What's Wrong
    05. Turning You Into
    06. Psycho
    07. More Fuzz!
    08. Sick
    09. Eyegor
    10. Better World
    11. My Boyfriend's Dead
    12. We're Pretty Quick


    More Fuzz

    [engl] From Canada, The Jukeez are the new sensation of the Quebec garage music scene. With two members of the well-known band Les Envahisseurs (Julie Sauriol & Olivier Mercedi) and a third member called Simon Von Tiki, these fuzz beasts introduce us to a first studio album full of rabid, raw and melodic garage nuggets. They love to party, fuzz, terror and humour, armed with a powerful voice, sharp guitars and a powerful rhythm section these three furious cats bring a huge vintage and cavernous sound that will undoubtedly delight the followers of the most primitive and festive rock & roll. For their first long play they have created eleven of their own compositions and one great cover, as well as having some great collaborations, Martin Savage on saxophone ("Born Angry" and "More Fuzz!" and Tom Lambert on guitar ("Turning you into" and "The Better World"). After self-releasing a first demo on cd format "Dig them crazy cats" and being part of a split on 7" vinyl shared with The Toxetes for Chaputa records, it is now in 2022 when they decide to release this great LP that will undoubtedly please the specialised media and will be the consolidation for the Canadians. Don't let it escape you, run and buy this future classic, fuzz till death my friends!

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    Plus Cool Que Toi

    [engl] Lord Diabolik's third album is here, and once again our favorite fraƱoles give us a great garage rock album full of grit, energy and fun. Franky and Nene do not fail, they are a sure value, each
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    Noche de Walpurgis

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    Plus Cool Que Toi

    [engl] Third 45 by this band from Spanish Wind City Saragossa, first on mighty garage label Wild Cave, to confirm they're definitely a band to keep an eye on if you dig garage-rock. Their music oozes
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