• 01. Looking Up
    02. Make Love To Me
    03. I Need Love
    04. Take Me To A Disco
    05. Take A Moment
    06. Love Will Set You Free
    07. Take Me To A Disco (Instrumental)


    Looking Up

    [engl] Man, this is a blast. Soulful disco and pop music with a rather naked production and heart melting songs is what Ms. Cleveland has to offer on her hyper rare 1977 album “Looking up”, a sacred gem of late 1970s black music with electronic tinges. Her masterpiece must be the hypnotizing soul pop anthem “Love will set you free” that lives from a primitive electronic drum beat, some rattles and tambourine sounds and the interplay of organ and synthesizer. Actually even the organ sounds like a synthesizer. Her rich and soulful voice will captivate you within a moment. There are some slower tunes in here that have a spaced out feel due to the synthesizer lines despite their stylistical link to early ska and rock steady or lush classy pop. Carrie's vocals have a unique charm and come as intriguing as they can. This cat knows to sing like an angel, clean and innocent but with the spirit of a diva. This is indeed a strange album and if you can imagine KRAFTWERK working with Donna Summer on disco music, this is close to what you will discover here. Original copies of this jewel go for 450,00 and more Dollars and I agree that this record is so unique in its whole approach it may bring a true aficionado and collector to the point where money plays a minor role. A strange little rarity of angelic beauty. Great to find it reissued now so we can all enjoy the slick weirdness offered by Carrie Cleveland.
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