• 01. Claims Nonexistence
    02. Someday Soon
    03. ( )
    04. Fade Into
    05. Sunspots
    06. Artificial Gravity


    no education

    [engl] Kindling is comprised of my good buddies Stephen and Andy who also play in WMass hardcore outfit Ampere, as well as Gretschen (who plays guitar and sings) and Andrew, who plays bass. I can tell you these people have the most solid musical knowledge I know… While it would be easy to compare them to My Bloody Valentine, a closer listen will also led you to find evident traces of Superchunk guitar riffs, Teenage Fanclub and Jesus & Mary Chain melodies to serve a very personnal and unique sound… They blur they dreamy melodies into a wall of a massive fuzz sounds with a a pop sensibility rarely found when the volume and attack ends up this far in the red. While they spent a week at Sonelab in rural Easthampton, MA with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth, etc.) to record their first full length Galaxies for the amazing No Idea Records in Florida, they cut 6 extra songs for this euro-only release ! Adagio 830 and Echo Canyon team up one more timeto bring you this amazing EP for you! Those songs will also be released on tape in the US on Old Flame records !

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    Human culture

    Hinter Terror Bird verbirgt sich Nikki Never, eine Frau, die man wohl spätestens nach dem ersten Konzert verehren muss, schafft sie es doch alleine auf der Bühne, nur mit ihrem Notebook, maskiert un
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    start of the world

    [engl] Dark Blue follow up their debut LP, ‘Pure Reality’ (Jade Tree), with ‘Start Of The World’ (/ADAGIO830/ 12XU) - a soundtrack of a decaying United States. Each song drips with the realities of a
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    The good life

    MNMNTS aus Trier/Koblenz schaffen es mit Leichtigkeit modernen Hardcore mit energiegeladenem emotionalen neunziger Jahre Sound, wie Shotmaker, zu verbinden. Sie haben Schwere und Leidenschaft, können
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    Gå hem över himlen

    6 neue Tracks der Schweden. Luftiger Powerpop, der Einflüsse der letzten 30 Jahre verarbeitet, u.a. Modern Lovers, früher Springsteen, Broder Daniels Forever, Germs, Tar... Feathers, The Starvations
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    Noise of welcome

    New Yorker Singer-Songwriter mit nem schönen Mix aus Folk und Pop mit einer Prise Country, dabei bewegt er sich zwsichen akustischen Balladen, gefühlvollen Instrumentals, elektrifizierten Country un

    Fragments D'eux Memes

    [engl] Baton Rouge is 4/5 of Daitro playing "a kind of indie - noise in the vein of Unwound /Television /Mission Of Burma / Sonic Youth mixed with some emo-rock ala Twelve Hour Turn / Tubers". 4 friends who
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