• 01. Guter Junge / Böser Junge
    02. So soll es sein
    03. Verheimlichung
    04. Tier
    05. Pawlow
    06. Szene Einer Ehe
    07. Limiter
    08. Kein Mensch
    09. Pandora
    10. So geht die Geschichte
    11. Wir sind sicher



    Compilation mit allen Songs! Streng limitiert!
  • 01. El Aguajal
    02. Tu Boda
    03. Esperanza De Amor
    04. Volveras Mi Niño
    05. Mal Amigo
    06. En La Selva
    07. Borrachito Borrachon
    08. Mi Tallercito
    09. Angelita
    10. Como Un Errante
    11. Si No Regresa
    12. Perdidos


    Los Auténticos Shapis

    [engl] Los Shapis, a legendary group of tropical Peruvian music, will be relaunching their first LP ’Los auténticos’ (1981) on the 23rd of December. The revival of this album, which was one of the pioneers of Andean Cumbia, will commemorate the 36th anniversary of the band led by Julio Simeón ("Chapulín el Dulce") and Jaime Moreyra and will include emblematic songs such as ’El Aguajal’ and ’Como un errante’. The relaunching of ’Los auténticos’ forms part of a project to rescue and revive Discos Horóscopo, a record label founded 40 years ago by Juan Campos Muñoz, and which boasts one of the most important catalogues of chicha music from the 70s and 80s. The label was created and can be recognized as the main driving force of Andean cumbia in Lima, as it took on producing albums of artists that gambled on not only creating a new sound, but also molding a new type of aesthetic, led by Chacalón y La Nueva Crema, Los Shapis, Pintura Roja and Los Ovnis. Formed in the city of Huancayo on February 14, 1981, Los Shapis – whose name was inspired by a traditional dance, "Los Shapis de Chupaca" – were hailed as ambassadors of chicha when they toured throughout different countries, which gave birth to the internationalization of Peruvian cumbia in the early 1980s By 1983, the band was based out of Lima. Its members composed iconic songs about the provincial and profound identity of Peru, in a time marked by racism and classism from the most privileged sectors. A rhythmic tradition that would accompany the two most conflictive phenomena of the era: terrorism and economic debacle, reasons that motivated the massive migration from the countryside to the city. "It is a culture that alludes to disorder and popular excess, drunkenness and chaos, but also a way of appropriating while simultaneously mocking the west, " says researcher Alfredo Villar, collaborator of the project to revalorize Peruvian cumbia.
  • 01. Mi Dolor
    02. Porque Te Amo
    03. Llanto De Un Niño
    04. María Teresa
    05. Será Mejor
    06. Por Ella, La Botella
    07. Tú Y La Noche
    08. Quiéreme
    09. Mala Mujer
    10. Nadie Conoce El Mundo
    11. Sin Hogar
    12. Chana


    Chacalon y la Nueva Crema

    [engl] Lorenzo Palacios Quispe "Chacalón" is a myth. More than a musical star, he is both a religious and secular phenomenon for the masses. Every year on his birthday, his tomb becomes a place of fevered pilgrimage where devotees pray, make wishes and ask for miracles, all done over songs, cases of beer, dancing and toasting. In Peru, his figure and music erases the distance between the holy and the profane, the hero and the lumpen. Chacalón is, for many Peruvians, the people’s angel, the messiah of the poor, the marginalized ’Inkarri’. "When Chacalón sings, the hills come down", was one of his favorite phrases and with it he referred to the migrant masses that invaded the hills and beaches that surround Lima like a "ring of fire" (José María Arguedas dixit). It was the early 80s and while bombs and a dirty war exploded in the Andes, in Lima, the new and ever–growing population of migrants "climbed down" from their precarious homes and filled venues to dance "chicha" music and to celebrate who they saw as their redeemer. Despite being a model messianic figure, Lorenzo Palacios had very humble origins. The son of a music dancer from Huancayo and a singer of huayno music (Andean folk) from Ayacucho, Chacalon was born in Lima in 1950. As a teen, he had his debut on stage as the singer of huayno band "The Indios Quechuas". The main requirement to sing that genre of music was to have a powerful ribcage and young Lorenzo seemed to have the needed lung capacity for "guapeos", thunderous voice blows that the genre required. Chicha music is neither a replica or a copy, despite using Western instruments, such as the electric guitar, bass, drums and organs, and mixing them with cymbals, congas and tropical Guiros. Chicha music has indomestizo elements (like Huayno music) tucked deep in his blood. Listen to the powerful cries of Chacalon and you will hear the heartfelt music of Huancayo; listen to his delicate voice breaks and you will hear the sweet music of Ayacucho. The mix of delicacy and strength and rural and cosmopolitan elements, is part of the secret of seduction that chicha music has had over the masses. Aside from use of electric instruments, rock music has influenced chicha music in other ways. Chacalón’s band was called New Cream as a tribute to the British band Cream. Their use of powerful fuzz tones and wah wah pedals for acid riffs and catchy solos, are the echoes of a rebellious music that wanted to silence the noises of a marginalized and exploitative city atmosphere debased by the most savage capitalism. "I seek a new life in this city / where everything is money and there is evil, " reads "Provinciano", Chacalon’s most famous songs. It’s because lyrics like these that people saw Chacalón as a messianic figure who sang about the promise of a new life. He sang about pain, alcohol and betrayal, but also about solidarity, love and hope. Chacalon sang to the most marginalized part of society, the lumpenproletariat, and not the middle class or the wealthy. Lorenzo Palacios did not see differences between those who complied with the law or those who transgressed it, because in marginality, survival is the only rule and the boundaries between good and evil become very subtle. "Eat first, then morals, " said Chacalon.
    EAN 4040824087111
  • 01. Dog Food Five - Gotta Get Outta Here
    02. Pisse - Alt Sein
    03. Lo Fat Orchestra - What Am I Doin Here
    04. Hara Kee Rees - When You Come Home
    05. Renaud Picard - Walking With Udo
    06. Sick Hyenas - Moskito
    07. Ryker's - Young Heart
    08. Alte Sau - Der Kreis Ist Leer
    09. William Honda - The Dirt
    10. JaKo?ingJa - Das Schwein Hat Hände
    11. Fizzis - Cab Driver
    12. Cellophane Suckers - Save My Soul
    13. Einkauf Aktuell - Requiem
    14. Counts On Crack - Reruns
    15. King Khan & The Shrines - Empoisonneuse
    16. Gee Strings - Punk Rock Heart
    17. Sick Teeth - Gummi Overkill
    18. Aui & Zween - Kaese
    19. IIIiTanten - Ehrenamt Udo
    20. Catch As Catch Can - Blurred Lines
    21. Egotronic - Gewalt
    22. The Crimes - Get Up An Be There
    23. The Hipriests - Need You
    24. Klaus Johann Grobe - Rote Sonne
    25. Old Seed - Hopes And Dreams
    26. Dead Moon - A Miss Of You

    limitiert auf 1000 Stück // Songs teilweise unveröffentlicht


    Ja, weiter geht's im Programm!

    Es gibt Platten, über die möchte man eigentlich keine Texte schreiben, weil jedes Wort schmerzt und Wunden aufreißt. Eine dieser Platten ist "Ja, weiter geht’s im Programm”, denn diese Platte ist eine Danksagung an Udo Schulze, leidenschaftlicher Konzertveranstalter, Kneipier, DJ, Schlenderer und Freund. Erschienen auf Udo’s Label Kunta Kinte Records, zusammengetragen von Weggefährten, Künstlern und Musikern. Müsste man ein Wahrzeichen neben dem Herkules für Kassel benennen, wäre es wohl die “Mutter”, stand in einem subkulturellen Begleitheft zur documenta. Und keine Person prägte diese Spelunke so wie Udo. Ausgangs- und Endpunkt für einen kulturellen Mikrokosmos der sich nicht nur auf die Kasseler Nordstadt beschränkte, aber hier ein Biotop vorfand, welches einzigartig in Deutschland, vielleicht auf der ganzen Welt war und ist. Udo war einer der Personen, der dieses Biotop mit seiner eigenen Art hegte, pflegte und prägte, Leute für neue Musik begeisterte und jetzt nach seinem viel zu frühen Tod schmerzlich vermisst wird. Vielleicht hilft diese Platte, denen die trauern Trost zu spenden und vielleicht denen, die Udo nicht kannten, zu verstehen, wir groß und wichtig Subkultur und kulturelle Vielfalt ist. In tiefer Liebe an einen besonderen Menschen. Wir danken dir für alles, Udo. Mach es gut, alter Freund. Nachtrag: Mit dem Gewinn dieser Platte werden in Udo's Sinne kulturellen Projekte in Kassel unterstützt.
    DoLP + Book
    EAN 4260016924264
  • 01. Roman
    02. Vamos Farrear
    03. Todo Pasa - Para Chachita
    04. Rulers Style
    05. Rumpelstillskin
    06. Black Dragon
    07. Big Chief
    08. Stack-A-Lee
    09. Dark Eyes
    10. Mussieu O Tet A Poisson La
    11. Jet - Jet Biguine
    12. Smiling
    13. PlayaBandera



    [engl] Okawa 78 is a skilled saxophonist also knows as one of a very few DJs specialised in 1920-50’s world roots music who only plays out on 78 RPM records. Under his wing a whole bunch of Japanese musicians gathered to form The Rulers, experimenting with the authentic music from Africa, South America and blending into ska and soul funk creating a new groove of their own. Musicians include members from The Netandars, Sly Mongoose, Oi-Skall Mates, Rub-A-Dub Market, The 69 Yobsters, and Soil & Pimp Sessions.
  • 01. I Like Woman
    02. Afro Super-Feelings In Disco


    I like woman

    [engl] Soul Patrol Records present a reissue of I Like Woman. This is an album comprised of two super-rare Afro-beat disco/funk tracks from Lagos by the band Afro Super-Feelings, led the by artist/musician Segun Okeji. Segun Okeji was the tenor sax player in Fela Kuti's Koola Lobitos band in Nigeria in the late 1960s before changing their name to Africa 70, and this record, originally released in the late 1970s, uses that first-hand experience and influence to maximum effect with a pair of devastating sidelong saxophone-led jams. Up-tempo, chugging drums and a crack horn section, bass, guitar, organ, and backing vocals coordinate to achieve the hypnotic call/refrain/chant crescendo that was Fela's hallmark in his peak years. Players include Tunde Daudu on drums (The Benders), E. Ngomalloh on organ (Fela Kuti), Tutu Shoronmu on guitar (Fela Kuti), and others that played on releases by the C.S. Crew, Sonny Okosun, Orlando Julius, and Tony Allen. Edition of 500.
  • 01. Graveyard
    02. D.O.A.
    03. The Way It Is
    04. These Times With You
    05. Over The Edge
    06. Fire In The Western World
    07. Out In The Blue
    08. It's O.K.
    09. Day After Day
    10. Black September
    11. A Miss Of You
    12. Jane
    13. Dagger Moon
    14. Down The Road
    15. Dead Moon Night
    16. Clouds Of Dawn
    17. I'm Out Nine
    18. Running Out Of Time
    19. Walking On My Grave
    20. Cast Will Change
    21. Claim To Fame
    22. Don't Burn The Fires
    23. Can't Do That
    24. Demona
    26. Johnny's Got A Gun
    27. 54/40 Or Fight
    28. Somewhere Far Away
    29. Unknown Passage


    Dead Moon - the book

    [engl] Dead Moon were a DIY band, active for 19 years. Singer and guitarist Fred Cole was playing music since the early 1960's , beginning his career as Deep Soul Cole the white Stevie Wonder?, then joining the psychedelic garage rock band the Lollipop Shoppe / The Weeds. In the 70#s and early 80#s Fred and Toody Cole played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late 1980#s, they formed Dead Moon with Andrew Loomis. This band went on to become mythic and legendary. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of. The book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland music scene. The book tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, song lyrics, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff. Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes 2 LP's of the best of Dead Moon lovingly remastered from the original tapes. Double LP plus book. This is the second pressing (1500 copies) now in standard glossy book covers!
    DoLP + Book
  • 01. Der Unbekannte
    02. Telefonlied
    03. Dreizehn
    04. Haarschnitt
    05. Dauerlauf
    06. Licht Und Dunkelheit
    07. Mitternacht
    08. Gib Mir Den Tod
    09. Farblich Gesehen
    10. Heute
    11. Vergesslichkeit
    12. Flucht
    13. Unmodern
    14. 30 Grad - 30 Grad +
    15. Das Disco-Lied


    80 Tage auf See

    1980 erschien das klassische Debut-Album der hannoverschen Punk/Post Punk/New Wave-Band „Der Moderne Man“ auf No Fun Records. John Peel spielte den Song „Gib mir den Tod“ von der ersten Single in neun (!) aufeinanderfolgenden Sendungen, die lokale und nationale Presse begeisterte sich für die Band. Eine gewisse musikalische Nähe zu Joy Division und Gang Of Four ist hörbar, trotzdem ist der Moderne Man mit den deutschen Texten und dem eigenwilligen Gesangsstil von Ziggy XY absolut eigenständig – Der Moderne Man klingt auch heute noch modern. Anlässlich des 40-jährigen Bandjubiläums wird die LP nun in Hannover von Rockers Records wiederveröffentlicht, die Songs der ersten Single „Umsturz im Kinderzimmer“ sind als Bonus-Tracks mit enthalten.
    EAN 4260016924257
    LP red
  • 01. Keep It To Yourself
    02. Football Needs Politics
    03. Next One
    04. Tell Me What You Know
    05. Take Me Away
    06. No Chance
    07. Don't You See
    08. Save Your Streets
    09. Right And Wrong
    10. Far Away
    11. Spartanic Sound


    … It Sounds Spartanic

    Eine Zeit voller Wut, Angst und Dummheit. Eine Zeit, in der einem klar wird, dass die Gesellschaft nach rechts rutscht und rassistische, homophobe, sexistische und islamophobe Äußerungen zum „guten Ton“ gehören. In dieser Zeit ist es umso wichtiger, keine halben oder verschwommen Geschichten zu erzählen, sondern die Dinge auf den Punkt zu bringen. Genau das tun die drei Leipziger Skins. Die musikalischen Einflüsse liegen in der 77er Punk-Ära sowie im klassischen Oi!.
  • 01. RASH
    02. Bootboys
    03. No Time
    04. Sexpol
    05. Police Stomp
    06. Pervert
    07. Oi! Of The Tiger
    08. Red Flag
    09. Weekend



    Klassischer Oi! der Achtziger mit klarer R.A.S.H.-Kante gegen Rechtsoffenheit, Homophobie und Polizeigewalt - neun Singalong-Hymnen, die nicht mehr aus dem Ohr gehen. Das Debut-Album der hannoverschen Band (dabei ehemalige Franz Wittich- und Teenagefrust-Mitglieder) kommt auf rotem Vinyl, mit Textblatt und dem kompletten Album auf Bonus-CD.
  • 01. One Of Us
    02. Making History
    03. A.F.A. Skinhead Crew
    04. Traitor
    05. Fire On The Streets


    One Of Us

    Single mit fünf unveröffentlichten Songs der hannoverschen RASH-Oi!-Band. Der Titeltrack ist den vielen Opfern der faschistischen Übergriffe der letzten Jahre gewidmet, dazu kommen die Antifascist Action-Hymne "A.F.A. Skinhead Crew" sowie "Making History", "Traitor" und "Fire In The Streets". Musikalisch wird weiterhin harter klassischer Oi! zum Mitsingen gespielt. Auf 500 Stück limitierte Erstauflage in orangem Vinyl.
  • 01. Win And Go
    02. She's Dynamite
    03. If Boogie Is A Sin, You Gotta Sell Your Soul
    04. Sorcery
    05. River Mud
    06. Sweet Whiskey
    07. Heavy Load
    08. Red River


    The Big Swamp

    Der Südosten der Vereinigten Staaten. Wiege des Blues. Man trägt Trucker Hats, karierte Flanellhemden und verschlissene Boots mit Stolz, die moskitogeschwängerte Luft flirrt. Genau diese Luft atmet The Big Swamp. Slide-Gitarre, Blues-Harp, Bass schaffen einen unverwechselbaren Stil. Delta Blues. Southern Rock. Swamp Rock. Erdig, pulsierend, ursprünglich. Ehrlich und authentisch.
  • 01. Pirlo
    02. At the heart of Seoul
    03. A boy can dream
    04. Surf green (feat. KATTHEM)
    05. Television will not be revolutionized
    06. A letter to the king
    07. Will there ever be a rainbow? 
    08. Good boys don’t stop the music
    09. Shanghai nights
    10. The Right way, the wrong way and the way we do it
    11. Shu bop
    12. Where I turn
    13. Bullets


    Sorry to disappoint all music lovers

    Es ist immer wieder faszinierend, welche großartigen Popsongs sich doch im Gewand des Garagepunk verstecken können. Dream Boogie schaffen es mit ihrem Singalong-Garage-Pop-Punk-Powerpop einfach, daß ab Sekunde 2 das erste Bein und ab Sekunde 3,5 das zweite Bein mitwippt , sodaß, sollte man stehen, man sich ab Sekunde 5 tanzend im heimischen Zimmer oder wahlweise an der Kopfhörerstation des bevorzugten Plattenladen wiederfindet. Man kann es Magie nennen, was diese mittlerweile zum Vierer gewachsene Band aus Göteborg betreibt oder einfach nur erfreut sein, über all diese kleinen Perlen zwischen dem Pop von M.O.T.O. und dem Sunshine-Psychedelic der mittleren Black Lips, die sich auf ihrem ersten Album "Sorry to disappoint all music lovers" verstecken und auch bei Runde hundert auf dem Plattenspieler nicht langweilig werden. Ich würde mich festlegen, „Sorry to disappoint all music lovers“ rettet jede Party. So und jetzt zurück zur Anlage und Musik wieder lauter gedreht.
    LP [incl.DC]
    EAN 4260016921881
    EAN 426001692189

    The Early Years

    [engl] These special editions are only available in presale - Only the preordered copies will be manufactured! Presale starts NOW and ENDS on 31st MAY 2019 – Release date end of June – order now. In late June 2019 Everland Music will release a mindblowing, strictly limited and hand numbered boxset with Osamu Kitajima's first 5 highly acclaimed and superrare albums. All 5 albums are taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS, provided by Mr. Kitajima himself. All LPs come in embossed, coated and hotfoil printed superheavy 1200g/m2 carton covers. The 5 LPs will be housed in a beautiful box with magnetic lock, the box will also contain all inserts of the original LPs. About OSAMU KITAJIMA and his first 5 albums: Osamu Kitajima was born in Chigasaki, Japan on February 3rd 1949 and studied classical guitar and piano already in his childhood days. Later on in the 1960s, when Beat and Rock music became the hot stuff in the popular music circuit, he joined his cousin's band "The Launchers" with his brother, before graduating from university. Osamu's cousin, Y?z? Kayama, is a famous Japanese film actor and musician. In 1971, when Osamu was already a successful composer of TV advertising jingles, he moved to England for a year and developed an obsession for British Rock music, especially in the Psychedelic field. The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and The Zombies became his major influences and inspired him to start a solo career under the name „Justin Heathcliff“, which he adopted for it’s typical English sound. His 1971 eponymous album was a typical Pop Psyche effort for it’s time, but not long after he returned home to Japan, Osamu abandoned the English sounding name and further on merged Western Progressive and Electronic music with Japanese Folk sounds. Shinchugoku (1972) - This is a beautiful early 1970s Psychedelic Folk Rock effort, on which Osamu Kitajima cooperated with Fumio Miyashita (aka FAR OUT) and members oft he very popular FAR EAST FAMILY BAND, to create a bunch of mind altering colorful tunes with a mellow, yet intense approach. Benzaiten (1976) - This album is called his masterpiece by many aficionadoes of 1970s Progressive Rock, with it’s mixture of haunting Japanese Folk elements and skillfully played spacey Rock music that takes you on a spiritual journey to the center of your mind. Osamu (1977) - His third album marks another change in direction. Still Japanese elements and some haunting melodic Space Rock elements flow gently into another, but by incorporating Jazz, Funk and even Reggae, Osamu broadens the whole musical colour palette by far. Masterless Samurai (1980) - Osamu completely abandons the Space Rock aspects here and takes a turn into Jazzrock with a Progressive edge, that he still combines with these totally exotical sounding Japanese Folk elements. Dragon King (1981) - The step from Masterless Samurai to Dragon King has not been such a big one as it has been with the albums before. We experience a softer version of Osamus Jazzrock / Japanese Folk Fusion, that often even shows Soul Pop aspects, typical for it’s time.

    Resume des Episodes Precedents

    [engl] • First ever anthology of Les Primitifs du Futur with new exclusive cover artwork by legendary comic book author Robert Crumb Nicknamed the Primdufs, they are neither Smurfs nor cave dwellers, just a happy collective of musicians who always have their instruments at the ready. They all have an inexplicable passion for a musical genre that some could consider obsolete, outdated and antique: the French ‘valse musette’ (a kind of popular swing waltz music, ndlt). But let’s be clear, this has nothing in common with the smutty chords of popular balls and singalongs in little town halls, nor with the trills of another generation linked to names like Horner or Verchuren in afternoon tea dances. No, this is ‘bal musette’ with balls, genuine, virile, authentic, and athletic, which used to get the blokes and the birds jivingin the no-man’s land of demolished forts around what the Parisians call Paname. Seen like that it is easy to imagine that the Primitifs du Futur, for that is their name, enjoy carefully recreating in minute detail museum pieces from the pungent remains of past festivals. It is more than that. Because though these noble savages like rummaging around in 1920s Paris, they don’t shy away from including rhythms from all over the planet, rhumba from Zaireto, gypsy jazz, Hindu waltzes or Argentine tango, blues, ‘paso doble’ or ‘chanson réaliste’. It all began in 1986, when Dominique Cravic, ‘’ukukeke’’ champion and a renowned guitarist who learned from jazzmen like Lee Konitz or Larry Coryell and also played with Georges Moustaki and Henri Salvador, met a certain Robert Crumb. Yes, the legendary comic book author from the great days of the US psychedelic underground in the 70s, the creator of Fritz the Cat and Mr Natural in person, the same man who also created the cover for ‘’Cheap Thrills’’ by Janis Joplin. Crumb plays banjo and mandolin, collects 78 sof blues, jazz and… musette. The two cronies then composed their own made-to-measure orchestra, alongside many famous names including accordionist Daniel Colin, clarinettist Bertrand Auger, saxophonist Daniel Huck, bassist Jean-Philippe Viret or singer Claire Elzière (sorry, it’s impossible to name them all). This great group has recorded four albums since 1986 (all with sleeves drawn by Crumb), some including guest stars such as Pierre Barouh, Jean-Jacques Milteau, AllainLeprest, Sanseverino or Olivia Ruiz. For thirty years, the Primitifs du Futur have carried the torch of musette to the four corners of the earth, from fiestas to festivals, and today release a double vinyl, entitled ‘Résumé des épisodes précédents’ which brings together the best of their adventures. It is a refreshing and heartening cocktail of ‘’world tribal musette’’, as they call it, which, in these electro digital times, has a rejuvenating effect, amagic swing potion. Les Primitifs du Futur take us back to the future. ‘’THE PRIMITIFS DU FUTUR travel on sound waves back in time to the early twentieth century and make the world seem like a far better place than it ever actually was. I cant get the band's music off my turntable or out of my head. Accordion, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone, musical saw, and beautiful haunting melodies—what’s not to love? Even their sad songs make me happy.’’ Art Spiegelman. • 2xLP with 20 page booklet with all Crumb previous artworks for the band’s albums plus unseen photos 1500 copies - No Repress
    EAN 3491570057827
  • 01. Das Lied Für Fritz
    02. Musik & Geld
    03. Jesus Liebt Dich
    04. Kunst
    05. Gewalt


    Lied Für Fritz

    Offizielle Nachpressung! Erscheint im Original Fold-out Cover! Honkas war eine 1980 gegründete Punk-Band die aus Wolfsburg und Berlin-Schöneberg stammte.
  • 01. Manchmal Habe Ich's Satt
    02. Stadtguerilla
    03. Bundeswehr
    04. Schwarz & Weiß



    [engl] Official repress! Comes in the original artwork! West-German Punk-band from the city of Freiburg, active from 1980 until 1983. Unfortunately the bands only release! Here's the official repress!
  • 01. Bail
    02. Breaking With The World
    03. Control
    04. Aisles
    05. Animal
    06. Reverse Flow
    07. Same Change
    08. I'm Your Freak
    09. You're Free To Love By Accident
    10. If I Can't Turn You On


    Breaking With The World

    [engl] Synth indie pop album by this canadian outfit.
  • 01. Ven Mi Amor
    02. Lágrima De Amor
    03. Amor, Por Qué?
    04. Sufrir Llorar, Para Qué?
    05. Amor Ideal
    06. Soy Provinciano
    07. Poco A Poco
    08. Porque La Quiero
    09. Dame Tu Amor
    10. Ese Amargo Amor
    11. Señor Ten Piedad De Mí
    12. La Paz Y La Dicha


    Grandes Éxitos 1976-1981

    [engl] This compilation originally appeared in 1982 under the title of “Éxitos, éxitos, éxitos”. It gathered some of the first recordings by Chacalón y La Nueva Crema that were released on 7-inch records between 1977 and 1981. These twelve themes were written during the years of the de facto government of Francisco Morales Bermúdez. This dictatorship led Peru to an institutional and economic crisis that also affected major record labels, which opted to publish foreign musicians to insure sales. Although Chacalon’s career experienced highs and lows after the release of this album, his intimate relationship with his audience remained, carried to levels as extreme as the ones he told Caretas magazine in July 1983: "Once we were playing at a venue on Mexico Avenue, I was singing a song called “Llanto de un niño”, about a boy who was born in poverty, he has to leave his small town with his family. On the coast his father becomes a fisherman and dies, the son wants to send a letter to heaven. While I was singing, a guy who was there, at the front, pulled a switchblade and cut open his veins. He saved himself and then told me later that he had suffered a lot like the child in the song. Yes, the man had been drinking.”
    EAN 964943392435
  • 01. Pintura Roja - El Teléfono
    02. Sola
    03. Petiso
    04. Te Olvidaste
    05. Recuerdos
    06. Oh Virgen María
    07. Padre Olvidado
    08. El Chinito Nº 2
    09. Ayúdame Tu.
    10. Pintura Roja - Pinceladas Musicales


    Pinceladas Musicales

    [engl] The nickname is superb, as unappealable: The University of Chicha. It is not an exaggeration that, 32 years after the release of Pinceladas Musicales, their second LP, the cumbia band Pintura Roja continues to be recognized as a monumental institution in the history of Peruvian music. Since its foundation in 1984, Pintura Roja has served as the quarry of the greatest exponents of "chicha" music, cultivating in the classrooms of its academy artists like Princesita Mily, considered one of the first women to integrate a chicha band, and Muñequita Sally, the disappeared queen of Andean folk, in addition to the legendary vocalist Toño Centella and the remembered Jhonny Orosco, founder of Grupo Néctar. Pintura Roja is revolution, innovation, success. It is a commitment to originality, as well as a history of defections and tragedies. But above all, Pintura Roja is Alejandro Zárate Espinoza, its founder, director, composer and lead guitarist. He’s "The Gentleman of Cumbia". In 1984, Pintura Roja is called by Discos Horóscopo to record an LP before the end of the year. The group begins to capture the attention of the public, otherwise, curious about the voice of a woman that they initially confuse with the voice of a child, or perhaps attracted to their lyrics that reflected the dramas and common situations experienced daily by migrants and their first generations in Perú’s capital: the abandonment of parents and sentimental counterparts, the incipient poverty and the uncertain present in which they lived. The woman as a fighter, capable of facing alone adversity and triumphant over sexism, appears in some songs, giving it greater relevance the fact that a woman with the power that her voice gave her, sang to them from the top of the stage. In 1985, Pintura Roja gained popularity on the radio and acquired a one-hour program on Radio Inca called "Pinceladas Musicales". That year, readers of the newspaper El Popular choose it as the favorite band of the year. It is for the second production that Zárate decided to seek support for Mily, who at that time danced and sang for up to six hours in each presentation. Zárate signs Sara Barreto, a 14-year-old huayno singer known as "Natachita", and gives her a new artistic name: La Muñequita Sally.
    EAN 8517441224497
  • 01. Potato Mash Bash
    02. Ode To Capitalism
    03. The Need To Be High
    04. Dinte Pt. I
    05. Dollar Hero
    06. Generation Maybe
    07. Don't Wanna Be My Neighbor Tonite
    08. Dinte Pt. II


    Potato mash bash

    [engl] Berlin's Amoeba-Underground-Surf-Lineup is back on their fourth release with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakes in the corner of Black Hole & Beach Boulevard and cracks open nuts of all angry German potato-citizens with the opener Potato Mash Bash, wonderful! At the other end "DINTE" as chainsaw ripper graduation with the active support of many guests on the mic, friendship without borders, punk with exclamation marks! Between? Whether it's an amphetamine addiction cream cut from the ZERO BOYS tube, or MODERN ACTION / BODIES sounding mode in the vein of Hardcore Classics from the Agnew School or simply nude bathing with THE CROWD... GULAG BEACH will make you feel like being in a Posh Boy porn. (Dirk Klotzbach)
    EAN 3481575240287
  • 01. Batteries
    02. Mouthy Leaders
    03. Haters
    04. Radio
    05. Reflections


    no good news

    [engl] KOMPLIKATIONS fifth release is yet another 12" that proves they just don't run out of great melodies, awesome harmonies, smart lyrics and aggressive dance beats. No Good News starts with synthesizers that sound like a car with engine troubles but don't get fooled - these 5 songs will take you on a wild ride through a mixture of emotions. Joy, hate, disbelief, frustration and mourning. No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals. Still Punk as fuck!
    EAN 3481575240294
  • 01. Run Away
    02. How Come
    03. Bursting at the Seams
    04. Dead End
    05. Back To School
    06. Bedroom
    07. The Draugr
    08. Vortex
    09. Busted
    10. Roadhouse
    11. Scattered (All Around)



    [engl] Kaviar Special was born in Rennes, France in 2012. Four kids who met while studying Biology in College and tought it would be a fun to start a band together and record an album. 
    LP 180gr.
    EAN 3700604716471
    EAN 3700604716488
  • 01. Rebel Ways
    02. Looking For A Heart
    03. Pink Razor Blade
    04. It’s All Mine
    05. Broken Forever
    06. A Thousand Guitars
    07. (I’ve got) The Highway to Take
    08. Cheated By Love
    09. Partners in Crime
    10. Throwing the Towel in


    A Thousand Guitars

    [engl] Formed from the ashes of one the most tragic and beloved Punkbands in recent memory, The Exploding Hearts, they are “Terry & Louie” AKA Terry Six and King Louie Bankston. And they are back! And with a brand new fulllength album entitled “… A Thousand Guitars”. Terry & Louie are THE premier songwriting partnership duo. Much like Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds (Rockpile), Chin and Chapman, and Boyce and Hart before them. They combine theheart and soul from their predecessors with catchy upbeat blasts “It’s All Mine” and the title track, “…A Thousand Guitars” also solid jukebox powerhousehits like “Pink Razor Blade” and “Rebel Ways” and bring it into the now withgrit and rawness blitzing to the forefront. Picking right back up wherethey left off from their days with The Exploding Hearts, “…A Thousand Guitars” has those huge, sonic signature guitar sounds and soulful vocal performances, includes tried and true bone crushers like, “(I’m) Looking For A Heart” – Record Turnover. “…A Thousand Guitars” is clearly a heavy contender for anyrecord collection.