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    [engl] Meet Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green, two nice girls who met at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, that's about an hour east from Nashville, Tennessee. They started a country duo that maybe not your usual slick production Nashville sound that gained mainstream popularity all over the world. Birdcloud is also not really something you can call Outlaw country although they play with elements like satire and tackle tough topics with a toungue-in-cheek kind of way. They've been featured in magazines like Rolling Stone and Vice, and because their music and appearance is not quite country but also not really punk, its kinda hard to define a genre that would fit to the explicit lyrics in their songs… wanna hear some of their songtitles from the double album called Singles Only, with they bare backs on the front sleeve? Here we go… “Fuck you Cop” “Saving myself for Jesus” “I like black guys” “Washin' my big ol' pussy” “I cant stand up (I'm fine)” Okay, I think you get the picture. We saw them late 2017 when they opened for New York Rockers DIRTY FENCES, and we were so blown away that we spent the rest of the evening humming their tunes whilst sipping whiskey at the bar… Now, here we are in the lucky position to present their new (and first!!!) real vinyl single, a classic two song 45 limited to only 500 copies. The band will have these up for sale at their merch both soon, when they travel through the bars and venues of Europe this July.

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    In a strange land!

    [engl] THE MAKEOUTS started long time ago as a RIP OFFS blueprint, short harsh guitar riffs, fast paced songs and snotty vocals. Their first demo blew me away, so I did a 7” with them (still available btw)
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    Aint that sad

    [engl] Long time ago, slightly drunk after the lunch break, and I wanted to chill a little bit and play EMERALD MINE on my Commodore 128D. I couldn’t find the right 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and it made me ang
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    In italy

    [engl] In July / August 2009 Brian, Brianna and Crystal took a trip to Italy. They played some shows, had a lot of fun and…. Recorded 7 songs at Outside Inside Studios with Matteo of the MOJOMATICS! Seven
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    Sweet sounds of the Sugar Stems

    [engl] Welcome to another joyride in the BACHELOR train from/to Milwaukee.... We are very proud to be part of this release, the debut full lenght of the SUGAR STEMS! One year ago the band sent me a six song
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    [engl] Punkrock from Hamburg. Loud, fast and simple = good. Take a sip of this if you dare.
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    [engl] The hallmark of a great band is its ability to progress, to change from record to record. Even a brilliant debut cannot sustain a group throughout their entire career. Thankfully for music fans, Spac
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