• 01. We Make Noise
    02. Yesterday's Anguish, Tomorrow's Despair
    03. The Rhythm Of Brutality
    04. When All Hope Is Lost
    05. Miserable Existence
    06. Weaponized Faith
    07. Against It All


    The Rhythm Of Brutality

    [engl] Sometimes a band just builds a kind of momentum where they just produce more and more rippers and Olympia's PHYSIQUE are clearly locked into a serious groove. 'THE RHYTHM OF BRUTALITY', their third 12" in a year and a half, and released in time for their upcoming rampage across Europe, is another uncompromising slice of crasher crust ugliness, guitars hissing and squealing in anguish, searing radiation-buzz noise crudely marshalled into seven nasty hardcore salvos, from the punchy d-beat of 'We Make Noise' to the punishing stomp of the title track and 'Miserable Existence', with its propulsive rolling punk beat half-drowned in feedback filth. PHYSIQUE slam together a knack for disgusting sonics with rock solid riffs for a rawpunk record in the vein of Disaster or Fader War that will scour the paint from your walls.
    EAN 5060446124048

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