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    Year zero

    The farewell album of this Los Angeles punkrockband. If you dug their D.Derby 7'' (& their other releases), you'll find plenty of your liking here, but there's also some more balanced songs, with maybe a Minutemen touch. This is the band of guitarist Tony Fate, who previously played in the early 80's punkband the Sins & these days in the Bell Rays. The Bell Rays have actually covered several Grey Spikes songs from this album on their own records (''stupid fuckin' people'' & ''chemical''), so here's your chance to check out the originals.

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    Colossus of destiny

    Rock&Roll supergroup including Andy Shernoff from the Dictators,Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer from the Fleshtones & Paul Johnson of Waxing Poetics. A bit of rootsy-ness, a swig of booziness, and a blas
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    Suggested for nature audiences

    followup to their debutalbum ''it's too late'' which got rave reviews all over.11 tracks,including Bo Diddley & Stooges covers,a bit louder & stronger than their previous material
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    Jet patrol

    Exclusive vinyl version of the Japan-only cd release with new artwork. 17 tracks (incl the ''hidden'' track). ''Buckle your seatbelts.the Jet Boys are the long-standing dukes o
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    Kiss my wheels

    Second album of Belgium's wildest hot rod surf rock&roll gang, the Mighty Gordinis (ex-Vice Barons), featuring among others their best song yet, 'Mustang Driving Woman' with guestvocals by
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    It's too late

    Strong & catchy powerpop à la Real Kids, injected with a healthy dose of punk&roll.This is their debut album & followup to the single they previously did on Ripoff Records in the USA.
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    Harness the power

    Exclusive vinyl version of the Flying Bomb cd release. MHz is a powertrio from Michigan including Andy Claydon (Flying Bomb co-label boss & ex-Monarchs) & Don Blum (Von Bondies) mixing up the best par
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