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    02. Kylie
    03. Cinema
    04. Demain



    [engl] ALVILDA are Nina, Eva, Sandra and Melanie and is the best power pop inconnue! Four ALIEN SNATCH! pandemic pop pearls parisiennes! Seems the four gals starring the SHANGRI LAS on "Leader of the Pack", but are the ones riding Lambretta motor scooters picking up the DOGS. The are the french version of Belfasts' PROTEX, their four-song debut 45rpm has the trademark lofi-mod to power pop drive and add some yé-yés of their idols, LES CALAMITÉS and some ice-melting RONETTES surf harmonies and back ups. Fans of NUMBER ONES, WHIFFS, BARRACUDAS, TV CRIME and PROTOKIDS put a heart-shaped cardboard file next to your A´s- After Last Night 45 until release date. Record comes in two double sided printed cover cards in super clear sleeves.This is ALVILDAS first recordings from December 2020 at Château Vergogne Studio. We´re in love toutes le nuits already!
    EAN 4260119 671126

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    [engl] Remarkable debut PUNK LP from Perth, Australia which could be filed in the late KBD, early DIY era without gloryifying a fake canon. ZERODENT brushes your teeth with angst-ridden shrapnel-shooting gui

    Sleepless Nights

    [engl] Second album by this 4-piece (3 dudes and a lady) from beer 'n waffle land. Yep, that's Belgium! Twelve gritty, hook-laden tunes about confusion, nightmares aaand good things! Evil pounding dr
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    Songs for faraway lovers

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